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He's never wanted anybody more…he just can't have her.

Everyone usually avoids Rocco "Roc" Garcia, and that’s just how he likes it. Personal attachments make normal people weak. They make mercenaries dangerously vulnerable. He’s seen what love can do to a man, which is why he can never let Heather get too close. The night he saved her, he learned just how much power she has over him, but he can’t go down that road. Not with her. His past will never truly disappear, and even if it did, she’s still his teammate’s little sister. That makes her totally off limits. 

When Roc rescued Heather Anderson the night she was kidnapped, a spark ignited between them. One he quickly snuffed out behind a wall of excuses—He's her brother’s teammate on the Bang Shift...she’s still in college and too young for him—Oh yeah, she’s heard it all, and she’s tired of waiting. When a new man shows her interest, she decides there’s no harm in dating him, and if Roc gets jealous, that’s his problem. But this rich, handsome man has plans of his own, and Heather will find herself reliving the scariest night of her life.

What started the night of Heather’s abduction culminates in a game of deceit that’ll rock the entire team to its core. There’s only one thing Roc can do to save Heather, but he knows the moment he welcomes back his dark past, his carefully crafted life will shatter forever.

But he’ll risk it all for her…

February 23
Mandolin Park
Amanda McCann

Customer Reviews

greenmamo ,


Mandy, I really enjoyed your series. But, I had a hard time understanding why your writings has so many errors in spelling, and some Spanish words. One tactic you may use to edit your writing is: Find a quiet place, have your editor read to you slowly, given your attention to how the sentences SOUND to you. Also listen for the “she/he” when the character transition from one scene to the other. Having this kind of errors makes it difficult for those of us who enjoy having a well written piece of entertainment.
I hope you take my comments in good faith, because I made them out of my love for literacy😉😍

ClearH ,


I liked the fast paced action and mystery behind Roc and his family ties.
This was more than a simple forbidden older man/ younger woman romance with Heather being the kid sister of Roc’s team member.
The constant pull back play that Roc used again and again got old quickly and I really couldn’t blame Heather for not trusting him after his secrets were slowly, and I mean slowly, revealed to her.
The build up and passion were written well, but the momentum of their romance was interrupted constantly.
I liked the way Heather was accepting of her love for Roc but was also strong enough to go on with her life.
I thought Roc was a bit too late in going all in with Heather which led to more drama at the end.
Lots of action and suspense with secrets, twists and turns in this Cartel based romance!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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