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When Violet's best friend and first true love Christian Anderson's family moves to England, she isn’t worried. After all, he promised her he’d come back for her one day. Although when ten years pass and Violet hasn’t heard from him, she’s given up on ever hearing from him again.

But when she finds herself reading an email from Christian, inviting her to come to England and visit him, everything changes. Suddenly, Violet finds herself in a new country, visiting with one of the most famous rock stars in England.

Christian is still incredibly sexy, Violet knows that, but has time sent them too far astray, or will they still be able to rekindle the fire that existed almost a dozen years earlier?

This 11,000 word erotic romance is the first instalment in a four-part series detailing the love between Violet and rock star Christian Anderson. Here's an excerpt:

“So basically when you said you were in a band in the UK, you didn’t tell me you were like, the most famous person in the country.”

Christian laughed. “Well, I didn’t, because that would be a lie.”

“You were always so modest and humble” I teased. With every passing second I felt myself getting more and more comfortable in his presence. It was amazing. I had never expected to react like this, I didn’t understand why I was doing so. I was like a lovesick puppy.

“Can I get you a drink or anything? I’ve ordered some food, it should be here soon. I hope you like Indian food, I’ve found London has some of the best Indian I’ve ever eaten.”

“Sounds delicious!” I replied. Christian got me a drink of water and we sat down on the couch, catching up on the years we missed. It was funny how naturally it came, how quickly it felt like the years hadn’t passed at all and we’d just seen each other the previous day. The food arrived and we dug in, like we were teenagers again on a date.

It felt nice, it felt right. I asked Christian about his band, he told me all about it, I told him about journalism school and how I wanted to work for a newspaper as maybe a foreign correspondent or something. Travel was something I’d always enjoyed, and I didn’t want to end up writing articles about how the local elementary school did in their volleyball tournament for the rest of my life.

When the food was gone and the conversation waned, Christian and I looked at each other. I looked deep into those beautiful blue eyes of his, realizing there was still something there, still a spark, when suddenly he leaned over and kissed me.

It was like fireworks were set off inside of me. Every wish I’d had, every desire since I laid eyes on him was being lived out. I closed my eyes as he pulled me close to him, pressing his body against mine. I could feel the heat practically radiating from him, his desire evident.

March 31
Diamond Star Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Tuggswife ,


It's a short read and I couldn't even finish it. The spelling mistakes were atrocious. I'm not talking about "two, to, & too" but words that are the complete wrong word. As though the author wrote it on an iPhone and auto correct changed words. It made trying to read it frustrating and confusing. Things you should not feel while reading. As I said, I didn't even finish because of it. Next time, read through what you've written before putting it out there.

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