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Tyke Douglas is tired of being the glue that holds the hottest band in the world together. If the rest of the guys are out doing their own thing, then why shouldn’t he? He’s about to turn things up a notch and bring a whole new level of crazy into Black Falcon’s world.

Francine Mead is putting her sordid past behind and is determined to help others overcome their demons along side her. The first step in her new life is taking a job as an addiction counselor, where she can mentor others through their struggles. Francine never expected to be lured back into temptation when her first sexy celebrity client, Tyke Douglas walks through her door. The moment she lays eyes on him, she’s in trouble.

Both Tyke and Francine know a relationship between them would be a disaster, but with each session, things continue to heat up, making it impossible to deny the connection they share. Boundaries cross, attractions heighten and both of their willpowers will be tested to the very limit.

Novel centers around Tyke Douglas, bassist of Black Falcon, and is final book in the series.

Series Order:
ROCK THE HEART (Black Falcon, #1)
ROCK THE BAND (Black Falcon, #1.5)
ROCK MY BED (Black Falcon, #2)
ROCK MY WORLD (Black Falcon, #2.5)
ROCK THE BEAT (Black Falcon, #3)
ROCK MY BODY (Black Falcon, #4)

**Author's note: Each full-length novel can be read as a stand alone novel. While it's not necessary to read the books in order, it will enhance the reader's overall experience of the series.**

November 11
Michelle A. Valentine
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Customer Reviews

Donut Dunker ,

Rock My Body beautiful ending to one of my favorite rock star romance series.

Rock My Body by Michelle Valentine is a huge emotional journey for Tyke Douglas. Struggling with the potential loss of his band Black Falcon, the only thing that makes him feel complete. Watching his band mates and brother connect with their soul-mates, he feels bitter and lost. He turns to drugs to easy the pain and anxiety of his looming loss. Fed up with Tyke's behavior, the band decides enough is enough and send him to rehab.

Frannie Mead is a addiction counselor determined to help others, just as she has struggled with her own issues in her past. Her willpower is immediately tested when Tyke is admitted to the facility where she works. Sparks fly as soon as they meet each other. Michelle provides a good back story for both Tyke and Frannie. Frannie's history is so sad. She's dealt a huge blow early in life and wallows in her addiction to feel whole again. The nature of her problem is tricky and hard to differentiate from true love. I worried for both Tyke and Frannie, wondering if they could overcome all of their issues and find love with each other.

The first quarter of this book is just so heartbreaking. Watching Tyke struggle is just so hard to read. I wanted to to reach out and comfort him after many gut wrenching scenes. Tyke has a beautiful heart and to see it breaking is hard. Frannie entering his life is a revelation, but not without trouble. She is not in any, shape, or form looking for a relationship. Her addictions are more complicated than Tyke's, but finds she's unable to resist him. But as I read, I couldn't help but wonder if the spark is real or just her addictions acting out. The middle section of the book had me ruining my manicure. A forbidden relationship, blackmail, and souls crushing guilt had my chewing down my $35 fresh from the nail salon nails.

Michelle's writing always keeps me guessing. She does a wonderful job of wrapping up all the the angst and suspense into a gratifying story. All the elements of a great rock star read are in this book--sex, drugs, rock & roll, groupies, stalkers, bad to the bone exes, and more! You won't be disappointed with this book!

Written by Dee McGee - Booze, Bookz, and Boyz

ErikCrisis ,

Perfect ending to a great series.

So many emotions were triggered with this book. The most I felt being gutted. I never thought that another Black Falcon man would take my heart away from Riff, but Tyke did just that. My chest heaved when he went trough his trouble. I love this series so much because of my love of music. I love when an author incorporates music into their stories. It puts my two loves together and I think it makes the story so much better. I love the playlist for this book. It captures the emotions and the scenes perfectly.

Tyke, what can I say? He completely captured my heart with his struggles. I felt his pain of loss. I cried for him as he struggled with the changes and lost control of himself. Never in my time reading has a character made me hurt so bad for him. If he was real, I would hug him to death and never let him go. I think it's great that she saved him for last. It really was a great ending to the series.

Frannie, I loved her. I really liked that she fought for what she wanted. She didn't easily give up and she showed real strength. It's no surprise that I love strong, sassy, confident female leads and Frannie was all of those things. One part when her sass came out, I wanted to fist bump her and say, "You go girl!" I really connected with the way she was written.

Overall, this book made me cry happy and sad tears. I'm so sad to see the end of this series and I'm going to miss the boys of Black Falcon. I loved every word, loving and heart breaking. I think this is by far the deepest book in the series and I can't begin to tell you how moved I was reading it. I devoured this book. Thank You, Michelle for the perfect ending. Noel, Riff, Trip and Tyke will forever live in my heart. ~Jen

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