Rodeo Bears Ultimate Box Set

BBW Bear Shifter Romance Novella Series

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    • $6.99

Publisher Description

These Bear Shifters buck hard, so you'd better hang on.

The Rodeo Bears Ultimate Box Set is here! Contains the following novella stories:

EDWARD - Edward Tyrell has a drinking problem. Well, what he really has is a problem paying for his drinks. He can't help being so thirsty: he never asked to be a Bear Shifter. His debts always seem to catch up with him, and this time it meant being tossed out of the beer tent. Softening his fall was a curvy little thing full of spit and vinegar. The more he smiled, the more she raged. Some problems are more fun than others...

OWEN - Owen Hutch was used to the attention, and not just because he was a six foot tall Bear Shifter. Everywhere he went, women fawned over him and men pretended not to stare. He was like a mirror of pure success: everyone looked at him and wondered what they would look like if they were as confident and self assured as he was. Walking into a room meant their conversations ended. Walking into a boutique meant their month was going to have record sales. All because he could ride a bull longer than just about anyone else in this sport. But then there was that sassy little thing with the blue eyes. He didn't impress her, and that made her all the more interesting...

COLBY - Colby lived in eight second bursts. On a bull, that's all the time you had. You had to respect a massive beast who could easily stomp your skull into the dust if you crossed it. You had to be at your very best for those eight seconds. Pure adrenaline, pure focus and pure concentration. But the devil must've heard his plans because right as he was about to chase his glory, he knocks the wind out of some little metropolitan thing. He knew he could take a girl's breath away, but this was ridiculous...

JACOB -Jacob liked getting to know his horse before he rode it. Early in the mornings, while the rest of the world was still sleeping, that's when he got the best work done. You didn't want to get onto a horse you haven't spent time with. Jacob brushed the horse's flank, watching how it reacted to him. A scent drifted into his nose, carrying on a light breeze. Something familiar. Something from his past. Or more like someone from his past.

HOLDEN - Holden had a throbbing headache. Not the best way to start out a Wild West show. He tried to keep his pain out of his voice as he rubbed the long snout of his horse. Horses could sense it, and a rider on edge meant a spooked horse. He tried not to think about the disappearing Shifters in the area, and instead focused on tonights show, the last of the season. Then it would be time for a vacation. Somewhere sandy where they served drinks with those little umbrellas. 

Over 70,000 words of steamy BBW Shifter novellas!

December 5
Gizmo Media
Gizmo Media

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