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Makarios of Kronos is a rebel, a smuggler who reports to no one, not even those on Rogue 5. But one betrayal sends him to a Coalition brig, and to a fate worse than death—capture by the Hive. He escapes but exchanges one prison for another. He now lives on the Colony, contaminated and deemed a risk. He'll do anything to regain his freedom, including agree to a bargain with a beautiful, cunning warrior with secrets of her own.

Gwendolyn Fernandez volunteered to defend Earth from the Hive menace. For four years, she was a valued member of Coalition ReCon, until the Hive caught up with her, and a strange Nexus creature took special interest in her integration.

Gwen escaped with super-human strength and a will to live that cannot be broken, until the governor of the Colony demands she choose a mate. A bargain with Makarios seems so simple until he conquers her in a way no other has—body and soul—yet the Hive Nexus who wanted her for himself won't take no for an answer.

August 13
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Customer Reviews

Emphonia ,

Love the whole series!

This one was my all time favorite so far. 10 stars! I loved the Atlans at first, but now I’m all over this Hyperion-Forsian cross. Yum yum!

R. Manor ,

Rogue Cyborg

Grace Goodwin - Rogue Cyborg (Interstellar Brides: The Colony Book 6)

Grace Godwin’s Interstellar Bride series books that are based on The Colony are very unique and special. This is where those warriors in the coalition that have been caught and tampered with by The Hive are sent. It serves as both a refuge and a prison.
This book is also different as it features an mated female human vet who is causing major havoc among the inmates males. Ready to fight for the right to mate Gwen, the human vet who has major integrations from the Hive, the males don’t take into consideration the feisty independent female who isn’t going to have any of this. She is not a prize but with all the chaos she is causing she is given an ultimatum and must choose a mate or one will be chosen for her.
To his immense surprise Gwen chooses Makarios (Mak), a warrior ( Forsian/Hyperion mix) from Rogue 5. The males from Rogue 5 are rebels. Max is no different and Gwen identifies with the hunky alpha male , whom she has also developed a major attraction for.
Besides the crazy hot chemistry between the two main characters there is an unbelievable exciting adventure here. A full length book that not only features many awesome characters from previous books in the Colony series it also advances a lot more plot development for the overall series.
This was an amazing story that grabbed me from the very beginning featuring a fearless female vet who won’t be deterred from her agenda, not even by a planet full of protective alpha male warriors. Although this is stand alone I highly recommend reading this captivating series.

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