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★★★★ Great Information: »The details in this book helped me a lot…«

★★★★★ Nice little Book! »Great overview of those models, a nice little book.«

★★★★★ Very good book: »Very good and concise book if you want to learn more about Rolex in a short time.«

★★★★★ Well worth reading and at a fair price: »This is a very useful and clearly written primer for anyone who is interested in Rolex watches. All of the modern and many of the vintage watches are covered. The compact format is a handy feature.«

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This ebook provides you with a lot of purchase relevant background information on the most important Rolex models. With this ebook you will be able to select the watch you want to purchase with ease. You will have a quick overview of the Rolex models and understand why they are there and why some models are considered more important and valuable than others.

The Rolex lineup of watches evolved over time. And like every naturally evolving structure it is a bit confusing at the first and often also second look. It helps a lot to understand when and why which model was introduced and what changes it got over time. You also will be able to understand the Rolex vintage collectors' movement, that values old Rolex models much higher than the modern lineup.

This ebook tries to sort this out a bit. To understand what watch is meant for what audience, what differences are there between the models, and how the whole thing did evolve since the 1950s, this book will give you some important advice.

It is no question if you will find the best watch for you within the Rolex world, if you just know the details we present to you in this ebook. And selecting the right Rolex is always a matter of money. So be wise and learn, before you buy.

This is not a Rolex sales catalogue. In contrary to such an approach we tried to cover all the information that is not given on official websites but nevertheless should make it much clearer, how the Rolex models are connected to each other and what might be the right one for your wrist.

The Author

Leonard Lowe is a tech and hi-tech enthusiast, engineer, computer geek, brillant thinker and writer. He loves to aquire knowledge and spread it. His sharp analyses help his readers making the right decisions in many different areas of life.

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Customer Reviews

Supero100 ,

Heavy on opinion, light on fact

The author is clearly knowledgeable about Rolex watches, but the overall content of this book is primarily a defense of his overarching opinion that the vintage Rolex watch design is preferable to the modern Rolex watch. The English translation suffers from regular typos and non-native sentence construction, which can make it more difficult than necessary to understand the thought the author is attempting to share. The author also includes some oddball thoughts, such as questioning if the Omega Speedmaster ever went to the moon, which again detracts from the overall tone of the book. I expected this book to be significantly more factual and significantly broader in it’s scope. By it’s conclusion, the reader will be less interested in the author’s predictable pondering of “why do I think the X vintage Rolex model is better than the modern X Rolex model”. A better subtitle for the book might be “Why I think vintage Rolexes have been embraced by the Rolex collector community”.

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