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Sexy Snippet:

A long sleek European car sped to the curb, pulling in fast as two more drove in hard behind it with one car looping ahead to park in front.

As a professional Researcher, the black car riveted Vivian – a Svengali HyperChrome built by Jaguar. She’d only ever seen pictures and knew very few were hand crafted every ten years.

But, that wasn’t what her attention - locked onto.

It was the impossibly tall, gorgeous man climbing out of the HyperChrome. His black hair caught the light and shone deep navy.

Her heart fluttered in her throat and Vivian felt like she was smothering. The pulse in her temple jumped rapidly as her heart pounded so hard she was sure everyone on the street could hear it.

Over come by the craziest urge to dash downstairs - in her oldest flannel nightie – and run her hands through his hair and kiss him silly.

Uh, huh, except she couldn’t believe she was moving towards her front door with no will of her own.

Snippet #2

Somehow, someway, a sense of urgency nipped at her heels. Her blistered ring finger was burning again and Vivian heard the squeal of tires nearby.

She only had a minute to spare before the bus pulled out and grabbed a seat on the right mid-way down the aisle. After an hour as the bus wended its way out of Bellsville, Viv began to ease back, her paranoia dying down and panic fleeing the moment she sat down on the bus.

Sighing heavily – she’d certainly overreacted and that wasn’t like her. Vivian always retained her poise and was known to be calm, cool and collected.

The steady hum of the engine as they pulled onto the interstate was all Vivian needed to doze off.

But, not for long.

Big as saucers, her violet eyes popped open only a few minutes later. Vivian recalled what happened after she opened her front door.

That alluring, mysterious, beautiful, surreal man had been standing on the other side.

Supernatural Man.

And…over the loud speaker, the bus driver interrupted Vivian’s frightening realization, announcing the bus was being flagged to the side of the road.

February 14
Nini Church
Smashwords, Inc.

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