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Love small town romcoms with curvy, headstrong heroines and down-to-earth heroes? What about crazy shenanigans and well-deserved happily-ever-afters set at the beach? Welcome to Romance in Rehoboth!

Book 1: Music Man - curvy girl/rock star romance

Love and fame can come at any age. But be careful what you wish for...

Even at 40, plus-size writer Claire is infatuated with her own personal rock star. Is it the beard? The flannel? The guitar? Claire isn't sure, but Jack is simply irresistible. It's no wonder she pushes him to audition for a local singing contest. You're never too old to chase your dreams, right?

Music was Jack's first love. When life got in the way of him making it big as a singer/songwriter, he settled for teaching music--including giving piano lessons to a stunning curvy redhead named Claire. He's fallen head over heels for her--just in time for his big break to finally arrive. But do you ever really give up on your first love?


Book 2: The Flip - home improvement enemies-to-lovers

Aunt Penny's beach house isn't the only thing getting flipped in this hilarious romantic comedy!

Andrew and Sonnet hated each other in high school. Always rivals for the best grades and top academic honors, there was no love lost between these two nerds after graduation.

Ten years later, they're both named heirs to property in coastal Delaware after the passing of its owner, Penelope Vaughn, who was Andrew's great aunt and Sonnet's beloved next door neighbor growing up. The quaint beach cottage needs serious work before going on the market.

Andrew and Sonnet are both willing to bury the hatchet in exchange for drills and saws, especially since they stand to make a pretty penny with the beachfront property, which will finance Drew's dream of opening a business and Sonnet's plan to earn her doctorate in astrophysics. But when they face a multitude of home improvement obstacles, will these two former adversaries be able to pull off a successful flip?

Or did Great Aunt Penny have something else in mind all along?

If you love The Money Pit or all those HGTV shows about house flipping, you will LOVE this hilarious romantic comedy. One-click today!

Book 3: Plot Twist - backstage romance with a reluctant leading lady and the leading man she thinks is way out of her league

If you think what's happening on stage is entertaining...you should see what's happening BACKSTAGE!

A brand new show is coming to Rehoboth Beach! It's an original musical, and they have the perfect cast. Plus, there's pirates. Who doesn't love pirates?

Meric Chandler is a neurotic, introverted accountant by day, but at night he transforms into a magnetic leading man whose voice makes all the girls swoon. Just getting over a divorce, he has sworn off backstage romances. After all, that's how he met his EX wife.

Lindy Larson prefers to stay behind the scenes, but her girlfriends convince her to audition for a new local theater production. She has a stunning voice but plans to blend in as much as possible, which isn't easy to do when you're the awkward plus-size girl with two left feet.

While backstage romances are to be expected, they don't usually shut down the entire production. But you know what they say: the show must go on!

When you're done with this boxed set, there's a second boxed set with 3 more fun, sweet romantic comedies!

September 25
Mountains Wanted Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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