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An impossible prophecy. An unlikely partnership. They’ll have to work together to prevent a terrifying age of darkness.  

In a world where oracles divine everything from fender benders to accidental death, Kate Hale’s future is a mystery. But that doesn’t stop her from landing her dream job as a predictions investigator. So when an oracle reports his own high-probability murder, she knows her career depends on pawning off the case to anyone else… even an unhinged police liaison with a taste for danger. 

Instead of taking the problem off her hands, Officer Ian Becker strings her along on a daring mission to snatch the man from the jaws of almost-certain death. As prophecies dry up and clues only add to more confusion, Kate realizes nothing is what it seems including her hot-headed partner with a heart of gold.  

When their would-be murder investigation unearths a sinister conspiracy, can Kate and Ian catch the culprits before their future tumbles into the great unknown? 

Romancing the Null is the first book in The Outlier Prophecies, an exhilarating urban fantasy romance series. If you like perplexing predictions, slow-burn love stories, and snarky humor, then you’ll love Tina Gower’s action-packed mystery. 

Buy Romancing the Null to follow your inner eye to a twisty fantasy mystery today! 

The Outlier Prophecy Series: 

Romancing the Null (book one)

Big Bad Becker (Novella)

Conditional Probability of Attraction (book two) 

The Werewolf Coefficient (book three)

Standard Deviation of Death (book four) 

Shifter Variance (book five)

Correlation of Fate (book six)

Half Cup Magic (Ali’s book)

Blood and Magic (Dalia and Abbot’s book ~ included in The Outlier Prophecies boxed set)

February 28
Smashed Picket Fences
Christina Smith

Customer Reviews

Rain is love ,

Fun, easy read with a little mystery

I really enjoyed this book. At times it was a little bit predictable, but most of them of this genre are. You have the quirky unsure of herself nerd girl, handsome cop with a chip on his shoulder, oracles, descendants of weres, and lives in peril. It's good enough that I think I'll buy book two and enjoy, but not so good that I HAVE to buy it.

Paper Cranes Editing & Design ,

I received an advance copy, and I am voluntarily reviewing this book.

What if you knew the exact moment you were going to die? Would you try to save yourself? In Romancing the Null, Kate Hale finds herself sitting across from Jack Roberts, who knows he’s supposed to die and wants to hire Kate to stop it from happening. But Jack is mistaking her for someone else; he doesn’t know it’s Kate’s first week in the Accidental Death Predictions department, despite what Kate says. His life is now in her hands, but Kate knows she cannot do this on her own. After all, Kate is just a fateless human, and Jack is an oracle. Kate takes the matter to the police, and that’s how the latent werewolf Ian Becker finds himself taking the case. Moody, wild, and slightly shady, Becker isn’t exactly the person Kate feels like she can rely on in the beginning. But together can they save Jack’s life?

This book was exactly what I felt like I needed to read lately. You know that moment as a reader where you just crave a specific genre or adventure? That’s what this was for me. It had mystery, romantic tension, and humor thrown in at the best moments. It threw you right into the story, which didn’t bother me in terms of processing the world that Gower had created—but apparently it has bothered some other people, so take note of that if you want to read it. I really look forward to the next book to see how the world builds up even more.


Kate Hale – I’m proud to say that Kate is a female who doesn’t whine and annoy me to death! While she can have moments where she becomes frantic (she’s got a guy’s life in her hands after all!) and doubts herself, she’s overall a very strong woman. She can keep her cool under pressure and she tends to calculate how to approach things. But you see her growth throughout the story as she becomes more comfortable with herself and gains some confidence. Her character development was well done, in my opinion.

Ian Becker – Accurately described in the book as a hippy, vegetarian werewolf. Not the kind of werewolf that shifts, but he’s got the qualities of a werewolf (personality-wise) due to the blood in his veins. It makes his role as a police officer very fitting. He’s loyal, determined, focused, and he won’t drop a case until he figures it out. (He’s a dog with a bone!) He can be reckless and wild, which is very contrasting to Kate, and I love him. Becker easily pulls your heartstrings and you can’t help but fall for him.

Jack Roberts – An oracle with a death threat against him whose fate relies on two complete opposites to swallow their pride and work together? You can’t help but feel bad for Jack throughout the story. He’s so unsure about everything, and he’s just kind of stumbling about hoping things will work out for him.

Ali Hale – Kate’s cousin and a witch. I don’t know what this story would have been like without Ali. She was the epitome of comic relief who knew exactly how to embarrass the stoic and calculating mind of Kate. I loved every minute she was included because of how honest and blunt she was. She was definitely one of my favorite characters.


I read this book in two days and hated myself when I had to put it down. It kept me interested throughout the entire story. I was emotionally invested in these characters and their fates, and Gower created a world that I really enjoyed exploring as I continued reading. I can’t wait for the next installment of the series! Overall, I give Romancing the Null 5 out of 5 stars.

Gran0223 ,

Something Different

A little confusing & slow at times but then interesting enough to keep me reading.

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