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“Fun, flirty, and fresh!”
—Jill Shalvis, New York Times bestselling author

A witty, sexy, and charming story from the #1 National Bestselling author of the St. Helena Vineyard series that fans of Emily Henry, Jen DeLuca, and Kate Clayborn will adore.
Growing up the lone Asian in a community of WASPs, Annie has always felt out of place.  Her solution?  Start a family of her own. Not easy when every man she’s dated, including her ex-fiancé, finds “his person” right after breaking up with Annie. Even worse than canceling the wedding eight weeks beforehand?  Learning the “other woman” plans to walk down the aisle wearing her wedding gown. New plan—find a fresh, man-free start. Too bad her exit strategy unexpectedly lands her working at a hospital in Rome, Rhode Island, rather than Rome, Italy, and sharing a cabin with a big, brooding, and annoyingly hot male roommate.
Home on medical leave after covering a literally explosive story in China, investigative photojournalist Emmitt embarks on his most important assignment—cementing his place in his daughter’s life. Three men and a baby might work in the movies, but with a stepdad and devoted uncle competing for Paisley’s attention, Emmitt has lost his place at the family table. Then there’s the adorably sexy squatter in his cabin, who poses another problem, one he’d very much like to solve up close and personal. But he can’t win—Annie has sworn off men, Paisley’s gone boy crazy, and Emmitt’s estranged father reappears with a secret that changes everything.
Annie and Emmitt are about to discover love comes in many forms, and sometimes the best families are the ones we make.

“Marina Adair is a breath of fresh air…Don't miss a word from this magnificent author!”Darynda Jones, New York Times bestselling author
“Fans of Jill Shalvis and Susan Mallery will enjoy the modern family dynamic and small-town atmosphere.”

“An adorable, fun new contemporary romance series. Delightful.”
Library Journal

“A hilarious romantic comedy”

“A delight…entertaining, endearing, and realistic.”

"A true gem."
—Fresh Fiction


July 28
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ReadingOverTV2 ,

Romeantically Challenged by Marina Adair

Romeantically Challenged by Marina Adair

A Contemporary romance with so much heart.
Finding “their person” is such a romantic concept. This novel filled me with joy. Ok, some tears and frustration as the story progressed but I tend to read slower the more I like a story. I really wanted to just stop at 80% and revel in the gooey feelings. But, of course, conflicts still needed to be resolved and men have to freak about something.
It was so worth reading to the end. Absolutely loved this book and couple.

Implied sentimentality. It melted my heart.
“Right now he needed someone to listen, so she took his hand, which was like holding melting ice, and without hesitation, his fingers laced with hers.”

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley. I also purchased a copy to share.

Agent$$$$ ,

Make Shift Family

Where to start...Marina Adair is a MASTER with combing words and emotions! You’re laughing one minute with Annie and Emmitt’s banter, then totally crushed because Emmitt is sooo lost. The despair is palatable. Like Annie, he doesn’t feel as though he belongs in his own family. He is loved, but feels as though he’s on the outside looking in. Annie, having been adopted at birth, also KNEW she was loved—although not always supported by her parents. She just didn’t know how and where she fit in. She was Vietnamese raised by white parents. When she was around other Vietnamese, she was treated as though she didn’t belong. She spoke, knew very little of her native language or dishes and was considered too Americanized. But she didn’t quite fit in with other American girls either. Annie was also unlucky in love. She always ended up choosing the guys who found their “soulmates” immediately after or while she was dating them. She longed for a feeling of belonging and only wanted someone to love the real her—without her changing who she was. So, Annie accepts a position to work in a hospital in Rome—thinking it’s Rome, Italy. Its’ not! But what she finds there may be all she ever dreamed of and more...

Emmitt, an investigative photojournalist, was the “fun, cool dad”. He was always leaving for the next “big” story, until he was almost killed while on assignment. Forced to take time off, Emmitt returns to his hometown of Rome, Rhode Island. There he finds, who he believes is a squatter, a woman living in his home. Come to find out, his family rented out his home without his knowledge. Emmitt doesn’t have the heart to evict Annie, so he decides to make her life miserable in hopes that she’ll willingly leave. The more Emmitt gets to know Annie, the more fascinated he is with her. Sure, he’d like to sleep with her, but he finds he truly enjoys her company.

Loved, loved, loved this story! Very realistic and relatable. Emotions were all over the place. I’m a nurse and loved how the charge nurse stood up for Annie, then accepted her into her little group while still giving her a hard time. Emmitt and Chloe’s banter, Emmitt placing the recliner in front of her bedroom door...hilarious! I loved and hated Paisley’s surly attitude—very much in line with a true teenager who’s suffered great loss. The Three Men and a Baby (teenager) parallel was seen throughout the story. The “daily” dads were pretty tough on Emmitt, but they were also scared of losing Paisley. I also enjoyed reading Annie’s perspective on adoption as my nephews were adopted from birth. Highly enjoyable story! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

User171741 ,

Everything I Hoped For

I loved every second of this book. The characters are interesting and well-developed. I had to put the book down in order to get sleep and go to work and the whole day was excruciating. All I wanted to do was rush home and finish reading. Then once I finished the book, I just wanted more. I am so excited that this is going to be a series. I fell in love with the characters and I fell in love with this little town and I cannot wait to see how things play out for the secondary character as the series goes on.

I loved Adair's writing style, it was easy to get lost in the story from the first chapter. I felt the highs and the lows, the fun and the heartbreak all so strongly. My favorite thing about this genre is that you know the characters are going to get their happy endings, but there is real heartache in this story, real issues that these characters are dealing with and working hard to resolve. There were a few times the book got thrown across the room, which to me, is the ultimate sign of a great novel.

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