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Past and future collide in this riveting conclusion to the Rome's Revolution series.

For the last two years, Rei and Rome have enjoyed a measure of peace in which to raise their son Aason on the little world of Deucado.  One day, without warning, that peace is shattered by an intentional explosion, destroying their house and leaving Rei severely injured.  Who planted the bomb and why?  Their faithful starship MINIMCOM takes them on a dizzying quest for answers ending up at The Hand, the most spectacular geological formation ever seen on the worlds of Man. A confrontation with the would-be assassins reveals the plot to kill Rei and Rome runs far deeper than they ever imagined. The conspiracy stretches all the way to the Earth with Aason caught directly in the cross-hairs.

Time is running out. Can they save their son?  Can they save themselves? Action and adventure, along with a stiff dose of hard science, are awaiting you as you experience Rome's Evolution.

The full-length novel is 84,000 words.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 5
Michael L. Brachman, Ph.D.
Michael Brachman

Customer Reviews

VuduriFan ,

Awesome conclusion to the series

I love these characters, especially MINIMCOM and it was a joy to get to see them moving on with their lives. Everything is a natural progression from what had happened in Rome's Revolution and The Ark Lords. Rome's Evolution brings the series to a close in a very satisfying way. This book is very well-written and it is different from the others in that it is very personal. The crisis du jour only affects Rei and Rome. Somebody is trying to kill them. Who and why will surprise you. Lots of insight into Rei's backstory and shows why their love only deepens with time. The ending is a little surprising and yet it all makes sense. Highly recommended.

referencestar ,

A completely satisfying conclusion to the series!

If you have read Rome's Revolution and The Ark Lords, you know what to expect and you won't be disappointed. Action, adventure, a sense of humor and an amazing amount of hard science. Rome's Evolution has it all and more! When I finished The Ark Lords, I thought all the loose ends were all tied up. I was wrong. This incredibly rich work of fiction brings together all of the elements you've come to know and love along with those you didn't even know you were missing. The world of the Vuduri keeps expanding. Everyone contributes including Aason, the wonder boy. MINIMCOM is back with his dry sense of humor and his son, Junior. Rome and Rei grow more in love, if that is even possible. This is science fiction at its best, a rich story, engrossing characters, a plot that never stops, all within the context of the 35th century. If you haven't started the series, now is the time to start. You won't regret it.

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