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Rona Stole My Fun! is a collaborative project between a mother (author) and her four-year-old daughter, Tara (illustrator). This precious book explores the impact of social distancing, coronavirus, and recent global changes on children, and is a glimpse into how one little girl has processed these changes. Through her beautifully (and humorously!) created artworks, Tara tells the story of a naughty Rona and how this creature attempts to steal her fun.

The book is a novel way for kindergartens, teachers, parents, grandparents, and carers of young children to view the impact of recent global and local changes on kids, and to reassure them about the safety of their fun. It is a lovely reminder of the resilience of the four-year-old mind and a tribute to a period in all of our lives when we were forced to reflect on the people and things that mean the most to us. This children's book about social distancing and the love of family and friends, especially grandparents, touches on the impact of isolation from others and the sometimes-funny impacts that might have on us.

Rona Stole My Fun! celebrates the importance of children's art and creativity, as Tara pays tribute to her little sister, whom she has been working with in isolation to create this book. Tara reassures all her little friends from around the world that they can outsmart Rona through a game of hide-and-seek and staying at home, and that fun will ultimately be saved. This will see Rona end up in the naughty corner for her bad behavior and result in rainbows at the end of the story. The creativity and resilience of the four-year-old mind is the ultimate winner. Fun CAN NOT and will not be lost. So buckle up Rona….

Come on a journey with Tara's imagination and help reassure little people that the fun they lost, through social distancing, isolation, and kindergarten, swimming class, and facility closures, is only temporary. Enjoy the innocence of the illustrations throughout the book and use them to talk to your child about what the recent changes have meant to them. A beautiful keepsake during what has been a very extraordinary 2020.

"Oh what a delightful book of hope and fun! A beautiful and collaborative story between a mother and daughter that tells the experience of a little girl living in a world impacted by coronavirus. Being an early childhood educator for over 20 years and specializing in children's early learning and development, I highly recommend this amazing book to parents, teachers, grandparents, and carers of young children. A creative and fun novel that highlights the resilience of one little girl called Tara who will not let 'Rona' steal her fun. A beautifully written and illustrated book that needs to be SHARED with all our precious children around the world. Enjoy...." - Ms Belinda Skewes, Director, Mastermind Playground

April 24
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