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Omar and Rock Hardwood share an apartment in Atlanta, the Black Gay capitol. Omar is the supposed goody-two-shoes young college student and a member of "Rebirth" Baptist Church headed by Pastor Daddy Longlegs. Rock Hardwood is his stripper roomie. Despite being "opposites," the young men always wind up in some very erotic hijinks in their tiny apartment. Of course, Omar plays the innocent one. You get your chance to determine who's leading who to the bedroom as you "eavesdrop" on their hot conversations.

An Excerpt:

"I speak the truth about me also."
"Yeah like when you walk into my room late at night just wearing a towel."
"I have the decency to put on something. I got up to get a drink of water. I heard your music playing and asked if you wanted a drink. I'm not like you darting through the house butt naked or standing on the patio in the wee hours of the morning butt naked smoking that stuff, or greeting your visitors at the door butt naked, or cooking butt naked. Some hot grease is going to pop you down there and make you wish you had worn an apron."
"You sure know all the times I'm naked. I think you got a cam in here."
"I have no such thing."
"I know when you naked too."
"I beg your pardon?"
"Like when you tip into my room late at night and stand there watching me breathe." 
"N***a, please. You must be dreaming."
"I made you say "n***a." You got a little bit of street dog in you."
"I am a Christian and a proper young man."
"When you take your clothes off to clean my room and lay on my bed right in the middle of my funk--is that proper?"
"I do no such thing." 


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