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She’s sexy, funny, and too adorable for words. Little does she realize I’m going to make her mine.

Alora – I’ve prided myself on being a strong, independent woman and not needing anyone. I didn’t become a bestselling author by the age of twenty out of pure dumb luck. I worked my tail off to get as far as I have. But there are few perks to having a man in my life. Laughter, romance, and companionship. Battery operated boyfriends can only do so much. Too bad the guy who sets me on fire is a bossy biker who wants to claim me. No way I’m letting him label me as property. Nope. Not happening. Doesn’t matter if he does make my knees weak and my heart race. I’m not giving in!

Rooster – Of all the women to capture my interest, it had to be the most stubborn, sexy, adorable woman on the planet. I love her mind, her sense of humor, and the way she fills out a pair of shorts. I don’t even mind that she’s an exhibitionist, as long as no one touches. Doesn’t matter to me her uncles were both rotten to the core. The Devil’s Fury may think she belongs to them, but I have other plans. Alora will be mine -- no matter the cost.

June 11
Changeling Press LLC
Changeling Press LLC

Customer Reviews

Melissa Kemp-Toner ,

Great book!

Of all the Harley Wylde books this has the least amount of angst. There is drama don’t get me wrong but in term of most books it’s a lighter funnier book. Alora is a does what she needs to do to write her book! Rooster sees her wants her claims her. This is the first book where Cinder isn’t the President so I can’t wait to learn more about Charming.

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