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Rory McBride was a paramedic...

and wanted to rescue to one woman that held his interest.

Sandy Carmichael hid her pain behind a brilliant smile and flirting,

but never found a man worth sharing secrets... until him.

February 23
Maryann Jordan
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Reader@70 ,

Trust Your Heart

I love Hope City for suspense and romance. You feel right at home reading each of the characters, where they work and their friends and family dynamics. Rory is a twin, home from the army where he served as a Combat Medic and volunteers at the local Fire Department seeking EMT status. Their downtime is spent in a local bar and he is attracted to a beautiful woman he meets and they connect with a possibility for more. Unfortunately he believes what some others say about her and it takes an emergency to see how wrong he is. She is his sister’s Maid of Honor and has everything together while ignoring his comments. She is also the owner of her own design company and their latest project will open shortly so her time is limited. So much more to tell you but this is the best HC read so far and they just keep getting better. I really loved the heartwarming ‘twin’ story that Rory divulges. Definitely a must read.

Agent$$$$ ,

Rory and Sandy

Rory McBride never wanted to “follow in his family’s footsteps”. Rory enlisted and served as a medic in the Army. Upon discharge, Rory focused on becoming an EMT in Hope City. But his mind frequently wandered to Sandy, the petite redhead in the bar. He’s intrigued and even leads her on, only to abruptly rebuke her flirting.

Sandy comes from money. As the only child to a wealthy family, her dad assumes and pushes Sandy to work for him. But Sandy wants to make it on her own. She has her own design business with two employees. Sandy “appears” to be high maintenance, but looks are deceiving. One night, while having a drink at the bar with Harper, Sandy finds herself flirting with the “new guy”—Rory. They flirt, have a great conversation with the promise of more. Then Rory rudely dismisses Sandy the next time she sees him out with his friends. Frustrated and hurt, Sandy decides to focus on the new job she was awarded. It could generate a lot more business to her growing company.

Months later, Rory and Sandy are thrown together when trouble comes knocking on Sandy’s door. Rory comes to realize how wrong he was about Sandy and is disgusted with himself at how he let other people’s opinions of Sandy cloud his judgement. Now he has to make things right in hopes to have a future with Sandy.

I truly enjoyed Rory and Sandy’s story! The twist at the end caught me by surprise, but I liked it! Cute couple. I can’t wait to read the next story. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

Ladydi232 ,

Romance, Suspense and wonderful family dynamics

Rory McBride is a paramedic recently returned from the military and still trying to get settled back home in Hope City. He is immediately attracted to Sandy Carmichael when he meets her but allows what others say to influence him against his better judgement and boy does he regret that. When his eyes are opened to the true situation and he realizes what a complete jerk he has been all he can do is grovel.

“Snorting, she shook her head. “If women never forgave men for being stupid, there’d be no marriages and certainly no sex!”

I really love visiting Hope City. The books are written by two authors with different styles but the stories blend into one harmonious series. They include a great combination of romance, suspense and wonderful family dynamics.
-5 Stars!-

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