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"One sign of a good author is the ability to make you squirm and scream at one turn, and then make you do an introspective glance while keeping you completely engrossed at another. Author Shah Wharton has that ability and her book "Rosa and Bella's Journal Of Decline" proves that." -- Horror Cabin Reviews

Rosa was once a young, vibrant, intelligent woman in love. But that was before everything, even the world around her changed. Now, she's trapped in her parent's house with her daughter Bella, where she journals about her decline, her tragic realisations, and of the destruction of everything she once knew. But is there more (or less) going on than meets her eye?

A British story told in journal format, focusing on the decline of a reluctant mother's life, her mind, and the tragic consequences thereof.

'Peeping between drawn curtains at the new absence of life, I'm haunted by the neglect of possibility. Life now seems a perpetual sleep paralysis though I have accepted our new limited world. It's likely no one will live long enough to read anything, let alone this silly journal. Unless souls read, which could be possible. But as I stare through the vacant eye of my window, out at the ruddy hue of Hell on Earth surrounding my parent's two-up-two-down terrace on a typical Birmingham street, I am compelled to take up the pen and record the truth of our decline.'

Fiction & Literature
March 31
Shah Wharton
Draft2Digital, LLC

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This book tugged on my heartstrings and kept me tied in from start to finish. I love the journal format because it’s a personal account coming from the main character. A peak into her own mind in order to see what occurred from her point of view. It flowed very nicely and Rosa’s character along with her story is very well developed.

I felt for her in so many ways. Her decisions, her consequences, and watching the events unfold through the pages of her journal will make you want to read more even after it is over. Check it out!

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