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Box set of the first three books and novella in the USA Today bestselling Rose Gardner Mystery series.

When Rose Gardner decides she's done frittering her days away at the DMV, she turns Henryetta, Arkansas upside down as she navigates life, love and the investigation of a murder every now and then. 

TWENTY-EIGHT AND A HALF WISHES: When Rose sees a vision of her murder, she’s done frittering her life away and makes a list. Her sexy neighbor Joe offers to help yet refuses to cooperate with #15-- do more with a man. But time’s running out and suddenly dying a virgin in the county jail becomes the least of her worries.--winner of the Write Touch Readers' Award 2012

TWENTY-NINE AND A HALF REASONS: Rose thinks a jury summons means a morning off from work, until she sees a vision of the murderer in the men’s restroom: a huge problem since the murderer isn’t the one on trial. If that weren’t enough, Rose is caught between her sister Violet and her new boyfriend Joe. Henryetta, Arkansas just got messier. –USA Today Bestseller

THIRTY AND A HALF EXCUSES: While Rose and Violet open their nursery, an elderly woman on Rose’s street dies. The police rule her death from natural causes, but Rose and her cranky neighbor Mildred disagree.—iBooks Best of 2013

FALLING TO PIECES: (novella) Rose struggles with heartbreak with the support of her new friends while Joe gets support from someone in his past.


Mysteries & Thrillers
January 2
Denise Swank

Customer Reviews

Hlgpooh ,

Great series in a neat package

From the time I began 28 1/2 Wishes, I fell in love with Rose. She is quirky, funny, naïve, and believable. I am so glad there is a box set to get the books and novellas together - it makes reading the series on the Kindle so much easier. Once you start reading, you won't stop after the first novel. I had already purchased the books individually for iBooks, but I purchased the box sets to use on my new Kindle. I love how the box set flows seamlessly form one book to the next.

Skypie41484 ,

In love with this series

I wish it could turn movie, but not done Hollywood style....strictly book style. The words wrap me up and I get lost. Love them.

bengalfan78 ,

Love this series

The Rose Gardner Mystery series is one of the best series out there and you will want to read this book.

The series follows the adventures or maybe it's misadventures of one Rose Gardner. She is small town girl, who has the gift of visions. Her whole life she has been abused by her mother and made to feel like a freak. She has no life and no friends, until the day she sees her own life ends.

As she decides to take control of her life and to finally start living a whole new worlds opens up to Rose. She friends some great friends, find and loses the love of her life and learns that her gift is not something to fear but is something that can be used to help people.

Pick up this box set and come on a journey of a girl who was lost but begins to find herself through everything she experiences

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