Rosethorn Valley Fae: Collection #2

Autumn Court

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Once a fae prince takes you in his arms, will he ever you let go??

The veil is thin between the ordinary human world and the fantastic kingdom of the fae in the leafy suburban paradise of Rosethorn Valley. When a young woman is lured into spending a night of unbridled ecstasy with a mysterious man at a party in an abandoned mansion, she doesn’t expect to become mother to the heir of a fae kingdom. The adventures that follow spawn wars and alliances, love and hatred, and reveal that many things in the fae world aren’t what they seem. Especially when it comes to royal bloodlines and changeling babes.

Each interconnected happily-ever-after romance in the Rosethorn Valley Fae series features a mortal woman and the wickedly handsome fae man whose desperate need to protect her will take them both across the veil and open her imagination to magic she never dreamed of.

When it’s all over, will things ever be the same? And will anyone even want them to be?

This three-book collection includes:

Prince of Cats

Prince of Bears

Prince of Wolves

If you like strong women, hunky fae kings, wild adventures, steamy sensual scenes, and happily-ever-afters, then you’ll love the world of Rosethorn Valley Fae!

December 2
13th Story Press
13th Story Press

Customer Reviews

Book Addict KJB ,

The Tae, the Women and Peace

Another great series by Tasha Black. Shifters and human women and intrigue in the royal courts. Strong men and stronger women and many, many twists and turns. Each book is independent but lends itself to a better stronger tale when read in a series (the collection). Fun and serious, good and evil. Bravo!!

singneon ,

Excellent, consuming & engaging

Cats-5* Enjoyed reading the first in this new branch into the adventures of the Fae in Rosethorn Valley. I love that Prince Killian is a man with values in addition to being so sexy. What I mostly love about this story is the resilience of Piper, regardless of her emotions toward Killian, she puts motherhood first and is doggedly strong enough to get the job done sans magic, resistance or abetment. A challenge the Prince can't withstand.
Bears-5* What an exciting and interesting twist to the series. Willow is a great character, I enjoyed her thunderstruck first encounter with the fantasy world and could feel her amazement when she was discovering her true self, she may be young in her true nature but she is so brave and a very quick learner. A taste of the dark side of the fae fantasy world is intense and had me on pins and needles but Prince Heath's love for Willow shines through all that this couple endures. Love how they are instantly drawn to one another, how they come together to right wrongs, unexpectedly find their soulmate and the happy future the fulfillment of the prophecy brings to the Autumn Court.
Wolves-5* I did not see this coming. All the books in this series are 5* and yet this one doesn't just maintain that momentum, it manages to surpass. She's hunted, he's the bounty hunter. The magical elements and paranormal aspects are intense and adventurous but the connection that Ashe and Varik have jumps off the pages and embraces you. Varik is so respectful and protective, even the love he has for his wolf cub just melts your heart. Ashe is strong and determined to manage her new life and all the new challenges. It's amazing how of all the people in Rosethorn Valley these two make a perfect mate match. The ending just sweetens the pot. This emotional addition to this series tips the scales right into teardom. Excellent and all-consuming, from beginning to end!!!

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