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John Rothschild has appeared on Comcast TV, ESPN Radio and Sportsbook Review. His user friendly approach benefits the seasoned professional, as well as those who just want to impress their friends! There are no individual systems that guarantee winning seasons. There are angles that will dramatically increase your winning percentage for individual games. The proper use of these individual angles will usually guarantee a substantial profit.

You'll enjoy John's comedic writing style which includes:

1. Thinking "Outside of the Box" to own almost anything you want.

2. Some of the dumbest wagers ever made.

3. His explanations on why most professional handicappers can't win half of their games.

There are no illusionary systems in this book for two reasons.

1. Most are complicated and time consuming.

2. They don’t work!

You won’t need to know every player on a side, or every formation in a playbook. You’ll become a successful processor, who takes readily available data to find winners. Others do the work for us to interpret and profit!  

Your last chapter is a test that contains 10 real life game situations. See how many winners you can pick, and see if you’re ready.

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December 3
John Rothschild
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Customer Reviews

JC Barton ,

J Barton

Got a chance to finish it after my initial correspondence and just wanted to let you know that it is a pleasany change from most of these tomes. I've read mant over many, many years and it was apleasure to read a well written one that actually uses some common sense and encourages thinking outside the box rather than mostly trends, systems and statistics. Have a great holiday season and good luck.

J Barton
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