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He's determined to conquer her heart...

Desperate to save her parents from debtors’ prison, Esmay signs up as an alien mail order bride. She'll travel to Mars to become a savage alien's mate, and in exchange for her sacrifice, all her family's debt will be forgiven. She prays she'll find some semblance of happiness on Mars and hopes her future husband treats her with kindness. But she's stunned to discover the muscle-bound blue alien she's been matched with is Prince Vaath, a fearsome warrior who once led a deadly battle against Earth. How can she willingly give herself to an alien who killed so many of her people?

Prince Vaath is aware many of his followers are hesitant to mate with humans, but after losing most of their females, it's necessary that they claim as many human females as possible in order to procreate and strengthen their numbers. He's shocked by the possessiveness he feels when he first looks upon golden-haired Esmay, and long-buried instincts soon rise to the surface as he claims his new princess time and time again. He knows she's afraid of him and believes him to be a savage, but he can't get enough of the little human who incites his desires, and he is determined to one day win her heart. But dark forces are gathering, and it will take all his power to keep Esmay safe from harm.

March 24
Sue Lyndon
Sue Lyndon

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monda1001 ,

The Drakks are coming!

Reviewed in the United States on April 1, 2020
Yes. The drakks are coming! Esmay is a human female. She kind of has like a sick sense of what people are feeling and feels peoples goodness or evil. She knew something was wrong with her parents whispering in the middle of the night. taxes and jail. The threat of being a present. So she takes it upon herself to leave her family to sign up as a mail order bride for the Martians. Excuse me, Marttiaxoxalians. They are in alien species of various color with different to dial growth horns on her head. It just so happened that her mail order husband is the Prince Vaath, warrior. And of course it seems like the history of how war began between this new alien species that are compatible with as humans was wrong. The problem is there is always some type of threat focused on Esmay. I don’t get me wrong the prince is also in with the mishaps and I do exaggerate on the light word of mishaps that puts Esmay in danger. Along with those who have a mail order bride. There is a villain among us. The drafts or a group who are against the mAting and procreations that will taint the blood of the Marttiaxoxalians. Prince Vaath Will stop at nothing to keep his mate safe. No cliffhanger. Just a new soldier will needs a mater... hopefully

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R Starchman ,

Royal Alien Mate by Sue Mercury

What a great story of Esmay a human whose life on earth was to the point she chose to sign up to be a mail order bride to a Martian . When the Martians conquered earth and then established themselves on Mars they were in need of females as theirs had been obliterated by a poison put in their water on their home planet and then their planet had been destroyed. Prince Vaath had been matched with Esmay who blamed him for the murder of millions of humans in the war . This story tells how Vaath set out to win Esmay’s heart and her developing love for him that changes things between Earth and Mars. A great book I recommend it as a must read .

7mamafoofoo3 ,

Fun and exciting

Esmay signed up to be an alien bride so her parents wouldn’t go to debtors prison. She ended up mated to Prince Vaath, the Martian that led the aliens In the invasion that killed the Millions of humans. When Vaath first saw Esmay he was taken with her. He knew that he had to convince that their union would work. But the rebels that didn’t want the martians and humans together on the mars settlement were causing too many dangerous problems too close to ignore. Vaath would have to face a great obstacle to get the happiness he deeply wanted with Esmay.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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