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These are Bible stories the way my grandmother told them. This is a fun and enjoyable read! You will laugh sometimes; you may cry sometimes. You will most certainly be captivated! She loved to share the Word of God in engaging, chronological stories, giving the Bible characters much more substance and personality than we get from just reading about them in the Bible. She believed in telling it all, with all the human failings, including immoral sex and extreme violence, because there is much of it in humanity. It was not her intent to titillate or include these in the stories for gratuitous embellishment. Rather it was her stand that no one has an excuse not to serve God, no matter what awful things they may have done; nor has a right to censor God’s truths righteous they may be.eers much more substance and personality than we get from reading the Bible. proud of all of , no matter how uncomfortable they may be. The storylines validate that there are always opportunities to make better choices with God; and until time runs out—repentance, forgiveness and salvation remain on the table for all who will not out-rightly reject it. She lived a long and flawed life, but she remained throughout a shining example of faith, repentance and service to God. She loved her family dearly, and we miss her profoundly. We know she is absent from the body and present with the Lord, and we take great comfort in that. She would have loved the books! She was a great warrior for the cause of reuniting the royal family of God, and she left a courageous legacy to carry her standard. We strive to be as worthy. -Sephar Chamuel

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September 27
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