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First thing you should know about me—I’m on my honeymoon on Villroy Island without my groom, which was a no brainer given how my ex-fiancé decided to “accidentally” fall in love with my best friend. I don’t want to talk about it.

Second thing: I’m a romance author on a generously extended deadline, and I’ve sworn to use this time away productively. So far my editor has hated all of my ideas featuring the crushing of men. Romance is dead within my blackened heart.

I’m about to admit defeat when a prince with an image problem falls into my lap. And for some crazy reason, it’s decided that me posing as his fiancée would be a good idea. The last thing I want is to actually be committed to someone, but a fake engagement may make this next book write itself.


I enjoy being the world’s most eligible royal bachelor (the internet voted and I won), but that’s not all I am. I want to contribute to the kingdom, be part of the legacy. I should be the CEO of our new business venture, but my oldest brother, Gabriel, the king, blocks me at every turn, convinced I’m too flighty.

So when Gabriel’s wife, Anna, the unconventional queen, offers me a chance to prove myself with the bankers, and the only catch is bringing along a fake fiancée, I reluctantly agree. The ends justify the means, and Alice needs the fake engagement to inspire her story.


I never expected to fall. Yet here I am, hell-bent on convincing a woman afraid to get involved that she belongs with me.

The Rourkes Series

Royal Catch (Book 1)

Royal Hottie (Book 2)

Royal Darling (Book 3)

Royal Charmer (Book 4)

Royal Player (Book 5)

Royal Shark (Book 6)

June 11
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kastan man ,

Lucas & Alice

Alice is on her honeymoon, alone and single. She is trying to use the time to write her newest novel, but the romance is not there, and the betrayal is hitting her hard. Lucas only wants to prove to Gabriel he is serious about the family business, but his brother still only sees the playboy. Lucas' realization shocks himself and he finds himself wanting to protect Alice from everything. Alice turns extreme in her vulnerable state and holds him to an impossible standard. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

ShellBooks66 ,

Absolutely Loved Lucas and Alice

Royal Charmer by Kylie Gilmore is the fourth book in this fun and entertaining series. This story has a bit of heartbreak, a new friendship, a fake engagement with a touch of romance and just maybe some love. The characters are well developed and very lovable It was so easy to fall for these two. I had a smile the whole time I was reading and I probably became a bit misty eyed a few times. We have Alice who has gone on her honeymoon with out the groom and this is where the real fun and excitement starts. Prince Lucas is known as the world’s most eligible bachelor and partying man. When Alice and Lucas meet you can feel a great connection between them a great start to a wonderful friendship or could this be the start of something more. If you love stories with a prince and the woman who may bring him to his knees this is definitely the story for you. I love the Rourkes and can’t wait for more of these great Royals. I absolutely loved this book and I highly recommend it. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book

Nettie1114 ,

Lucas and Alice

Wow! This book is definitely one worth reading. It is the 4th book in the series Royal Charming by Kylie Gilmore. Royal Charming shows the softer side of Prince Lucas, the 3rd in line to the throne of Villroy and Alice a well known romance writer. Prince Lucas meets Alice in the royal gardens, grieving over her life. Alice went on her honeymoon to Villroy without the groom who cheated on her with her best friend. Alice lost her mojo for writing and needs the first draft done in two weeks and Prince Lucas wants to be taken seriously in the family business but the King, his brother feels he is flighty and doesn’t trust him to follow through. They enter into a fake engagement to help each other in their goals. Prince Lucas with being taken seriously by the King and Alice in her writing. This is definitely a wonderful addition the the Rourke series and I love how the Queen Anna quietly match makes! I received this book as an arc for an honest review of it.

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