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They’ve crossed a line…and they’re about to pay the price.

After a drunken night in Vegas, Princess Sophia and Pax Donovan find themselves in an awkward situation. But before the video of their latest bad decision goes viral, they have another challenge to face: meeting the royal parents.

Pax is the last person the king and queen of Montovia would choose for their only daughter. Can this bad boy rock star charm his way into their favor, or will they convince Sophia once and for all that her relationship with Pax is a disaster.

January 30
Casey Peak Publishing, LLC
Casey Peak Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Christine Miller28 ,

Love these royals!

I love this royal series! Each book makes me fall in love with Pax some more, but man Pax what is your secret? I have to know! I loved watching Sophia and Pax navigate their families in this book. Sophia's brothers are awesome characters and I love to watch them all interact. I'm curious to see how this all plays out and how they can get their happily ever after! Love this series!

JLKeniston ,


I just have to shake my head! It was getting so good I thought maybe Pax would spill what happened to him that he’s hiding!! Poor Sophia! What a mess! Then the bomb is dropped and it ended!!! Although the twists and turns are keeping this interesting but I have no idea what is going to happen next! Now waiting for #5! Please hurry!!!

Srush23 ,

Holy Cliffhangers

Pax and Sophia truly live up to their series title “Royal Disaster”. Although this last “disaster” of living by the moment is one I love. I love Pax and Sophia together, how he’s himself around her and how she’s learning to just be on the moment even more so.

However, with their lives not so private it does seem like that trouble follows. Making a decision that on the light of day seems so right yet disastrous, especially when having to involve the rest of their families.

Sophia is willing to make anything with Pax work as is he. But she wants it all even the bad and including his secrets. She knows there’s one he doesn’t want to share. And what happens when Pax is given a silent ultimatum, have Sophia but not whole or expose his secret to keep her?! One heck of a cliffhanger that makes you want to fast forward 3 weeks. I can’t wait for the next two installments on this series. I love Pax and Sophia more with each one.

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