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Previously published as Leopold: Part Two

As a prince, my life is already complicated. I don’t need a relationship making things even more difficult for me. 

But there’s something different about Elle. I should know better, but now it’s too late. I find I’m willing to follow her to the ends of the earth, and I’m not sure what’s come over me.  I should have stopped myself while I still could.

She’s revealed herself—exposed her darkest secrets—and even those are not enough to push me away.  I know too much about her now. And something about her makes me crave more.

She’s under my skin. And I won’t rest until she’s mine.

This is Part Two of a six-part contemporary romance serial by bestselling authors Renna Peak and Ember Casey. This episode ends with a cliffhanger.

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July 26
Casey Peak Publishing, LLC
Casey Peak Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

JLKeniston ,

WOW!!! Did not disappoint!

Part 2 of this great series did not disappoint! Leo was injured in part 1 and Elle is just trying to keep an eye on him through the night while the blinding storm erupts outside! Leo should be in a hospital but the weather is prohibiting it. No lights either! Elle has convinced Leo to rest but he will only do that if she is laying down with him. He is determined to break this "hands off" resolve she has towards him. In bursts the new doctor that is to replace her finding them in a compromising position. After a heated discussion Elle sneaks out of the run down hospital as the new doctor finds out just who Leo is. Leo is determined to find Elle to make things right. So hard not to give away anything. It's a page turner for sure! Can't wait to read part 3!!!

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