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Part memoir, part anecdotal history...

...of Pittsburgh's North Side, where the author grew up, and part football book, "RUANAIDH" follows to its conclusion the extraordinary life of Art Rooney, Sr. - the Chief. The strange-looking title (pronounced Ru-ah-nee) is the Gaelic word for Rooney. Candid personality portraits of almost everybody in the Chief's wide orbit are mingled with tales from Art Rooney, Jr's own high school and college football-playing days, from his time as a failed drama student in New York, from his six months of boot camp training with the Marines, and from his subsequent career as personnel director of his father's football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Biographies & Memoirs
January 2
Arthur J. Rooney, Jr.
Ruanaidh, LLC

Customer Reviews

PghRay ,

Proud to be from North Side

It made me cry, it made me laugh. The values and morals instilled by the "Chief" in his children mirror the majority of kids from that time and place. Thank-you for reminding me!

Dmahoney78 ,

A must buy!

Art Rooney Jr. Takes us on an odyssey through the 20th century with his family the "Rooney's" and what a journey it is! One uncle, a Franciscan missionary in China, stands up for his flock against tne ruthless Japanese. Another, a gallant marine, gives up his life fighting in the Pacific. As he tells his tale he parades before us a cast of characters so eccentric you feel like you are reading a Runyon novel. There is more, he regals us with incidents in boxing, baseball, and football that are hilarious. You cannot make this stuff up! The one thing men who have reached the pinnacle covet, more than money or power, is a nickname. To be valid, you cannot give it to yourself and it cannot be taken. It must be bestowed. None was given more affectionately than the "CHIEF,"the nickname of Art Rooney Sr. The "CHIEF,"the heart and soul of this story, the story of a family that lives, laughs, succeeds and sacrifices, a family that loves each other, their country, their Pittsburgh, their Steelers and above all their God. The "CHIEF," a lifelong gambler with an understanding heart and a consuming ardor burning at white heat intensity for the family he loved and the God who gave him one "helluva" life. Art Rooney Jr. Has given us a book that is unique, beautiful and uplifting. BUY it. READ it. Treasure it.

MRooney ,


I don't read much and thought I would give the iPad book feature a try - this book is awesome! Great photos and read about the old days! Reading this on the iPad is nice because of how easy it is to read. The features of resizing text is a big help. I recommend this book for anyone interested in sports and Pittsburgh sports history including Pro Football, horse racing in the North East and Dog Racing in Florida.