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[Siren Sensations: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, HEA] Tired of being an object instead of a partner, Simon forces his ex to move out after hitting his emotional limit and realizing the man only wants him for wank fodder. An introduction to Victor by friends helps Simon shut the mental door on his ex for good and long to explore all the delicious Domly things the handsome realtor wants to do to him. Victor moved to Florida for a fresh start far away from his ex. He's looking for an open and honest subby guy. His instant, scorching attraction to Simon is only intensified by the fact that he can actually get some decent sleep for the first time in weeks with the man. But spooky events and shocking revelations force Victor to move from his temporary digs and in with Simon. Now, it's make or break time. Can Simon handle Victor full-time in full-on Dom mode, or will both men be rubbed emotionally raw yet again? ** A Siren Erotic Romance Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.

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June 12

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WhiteWitch0519 ,

Book 52/Suncoast Society. Tymber Dalton demonstrates her amazing skill as an author once again!

Simon Hall is a 33-year-old gay man who's been involved in a five-year relationship with Gary. But what started out as a loving relationship has devolved into one in which Simon is nothing more than an object for his partner to use for his own amusement and convenience. Gary is so self-involved that he sees Simon as nothing more than a sexual release and convenient servant. And Simon is done with Gary's sexual deviance, cruel and insensitive behavior, total lack of love and caring, He's definitely done with being Gary's servant. Yes, they've involved a bit of kink in their relationship but Simon's no slave. It's over. Victor Dumont is a 41-year-old gay, successful real estate salesman living in Georgia. He's also a Dom and heavy sadist. After he issues an ultimatum to his long-time lover, Peter, to officially come out at work as being gay, Peter just picks up and moves out, leaving Victor alone. Wanting a fresh start, Victor moves to Sarasota where his friend, George, has a job waiting for him. Luckily, Lara Jarred also works in the same office. Victor and Lara become close friends. Lonely, and wanting to get back into the dating game, Victor accepts an invitation from Lara and her husband and submissive, Brad, to the weekly Saturday night dinner at Sigalo's before going to Venture, the local BDSM club. Simon also wants to get back out and meet some new people. After he kicked Gary out, he realizes Gary's also cut him off from most of his friends. While at lunch one day, Simon meets up with Justin Rede who works at the same hospital. Simon knows Justin's gay and lives with a gay, married couple. During their conversation, Justin invites Simon to the Saturday evening dinner at Sigalo's prior to going to Venture, Simon's really interested. Why not? If nothing else, he'll get to meet some new people and maybe even learn more about the BDSM that has interested him for awhile. When Victor and Simon meet at Sigalo's, it seems fate has stepped in once again. They spend the night talking and getting to know each other better. The more they talk, the more the attraction grows. But despite the growing connection between the two, there are factors in play of which neither is aware. Totally unexpected and bizarre things start happening. And as the strange occurrences continue, what is truly happening here? Will these unexplainable and bizarre episodes bring Victor and Simon closer or drive them apart? Can these two men build a love with the trust necessary to overcome the events that seem to have the ability to pull them together and yet still have the potential to destroy the very special relationship they have? Tymber Dalton has once again created an outstanding story. Her books shine a spotlight in the deepest depths of the human experience. The Suncoast Society series is not just another BDSM romance series. The entire series is truly an open, honest look at real people, their relationships, emotions, and every possible facet of each person's everyday life. She's an astute observer of human behavior who can translate her observations into an unparalleled reading experience. Rub Me Raw is yet another wonderful novel, and I give it my highest recommendation without reservation. One final note. Please be an informed reader and consumer! This is an ADULT book. It contains explicit language and sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy this genre, think hard before buying any book you know you won't enjoy. There are book synopses and reviews available on Goodreads and all booksellers' websites. USE THESE RESOURCES. DON'T LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON'T ENJOY THE BOOK. IT'S NOT FAIR TO THE AUTHOR! She works extremely hard to provide a quality work product. If you know you'll object to the book's subject matter before you buy it, you're doing yourself and the author an extreme disservice. Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!

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