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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant seamlessly blends the magic of Scottish and Norse tradition in the enchanting new installment of her instantly acclaimed Kindred: The Fated series.

Love…against all odds.

Banished by his father and laird, Rory Sutherland does what he swore he’d never do—return to Scotland. But a dangerous threat has risen, and it’s turned its gaze to his beloved home. He risks everything to find the witch who can stop the growing menace. Asa’s power and beauty excites him. Her allure seduces him. She’s his match in every way. And nothing will ever be the same after being touched by her magic.

For Asa, being a witch has been a blessing and a curse. For every good thing in her life, the tragedy that follows has been crushing. She’s rudderless, adrift without a plan. Until a dark, sexy Highlander crosses her path with a dire warning. She’s being hunted by a dark force that intends to use her powerful bloodline. Bound to Rory by their quest and Fate, a passion ignites that consumes them. Against all odds they found each other, but they need to survive the coming war…or be ruined.

May 2
DL Grant, LLC
Donna Grant

Customer Reviews

ShanCol19 ,

Entertaining series!

Another entertaining, exciting read! Love the Scottish setting, and interesting magic added to the sweet, passionate romance of Rory and Asa. Witch Asa is in danger because of her heritage, so Rory offers her his help and protection. Action and danger! Fun times! An entertaining read!

threers ,

Lots of Thrills. Loved It!!

Ruin filled me with anticipation for a battle yet to come. I had high hopes for a dramatic battle from Donna Grant, the queen of fantasy battles. The author did not disappoint. The buildup was intense. The story was glorious.

Rory needed to find Asa to pass on a warning. His determination had me gripped in fear. I knew the warning was dire as Rory hid in the darkness waiting to breath his last breath. He refused to die until he gave her the message from her sister, "Run!".

Asa was in extreme danger from a Viking leader. With a powerful witch by his side; he was determined to find her and make her his. Asa's determination to stay and fight had me feeling equal parts of respect and doom. She was tired of running. How could one woman, even a powerful witch, stand against not only an unknown witch but a Viking army? The fear of the unknown grew with every written word. The only thing easing my fear was the love growing between Rory and Asa.

Rory, a Scottish warrior, loved her before he even met her. Liss, Asa's baby sister in Norway, tasked him with finding Asa in Scotland. He did not take the request lightly. He would betrayed. He would be left for dead. He would not let Liss down. He would not let Asa fight on her own.

Their journey to the battleground was wrapped in danger. Every step took them closer to an unknown end. I had know clue what would happen when they made it to The Witch's Grove. I can't thank the author enough for blowing my mind. The battle was worth all the tension. The details colored my imagination. The viciousness had me cringing. Confrontations had me sitting in suspense.

Now I sit here in a book coma, not wanting to leave the thrills and chills that filled Rory and Asa's adventure. At the same time I sit on the edge of my seat waiting for Reign, book three in The Fated.

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