Rule Breaker

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Leilani Kealoha wants to be set free. Of family expectations. Of generations of prejudice.

Chafing at rules made by the proud Hawaiian men in her family, she yearns to discover herself and hungers to explore the world. Her adventuresome heart? Longs for something even greater, deeper.

The last thing she expects is an East Coast haole surfer to hold the key to everything.

Mason Price is done walking his parents’ path. Done with social acceptance—with cold politics.

On a surfing quest to reinvent himself, Mase finds an exotic beauty standing on his towel. But it’s her feisty bargaining that catches him off guard. When he challenges her with a “Truth or Shots” drinking game, she unwittingly reveals more than she’d intended about herself…and him.

The raw truth stuns him: She’s suffered like he has, is lost like he is—keeps secrets like he does.

But will young love and shared situations be enough to conquer racial and cultural divides?

Lines in the sand…were meant to be crossed.

***RULE BREAKER is a standalone, full-length new adult romance told in dual POV. Due to mature themes and adult language, this book is for those 18 and older.***

November 7
Kat Bastion and Stone Bastion
Kat Bastion and Stone Bastion

Customer Reviews

Kelly_BTC Blog ,

...a rare romantic love story.

Another incredible book by Kat & Stone Bastion!

Rule Breaker is full of emotions, and is a truly original love story. It emphasizes a great deal on cultural diversities, discrimination, and preconceived judgments. How two people that have so many obstacles and differences can rise above, and look past what may not look right, but feels right.

Mase and Leilani couldn't be any more different, but so much alike at the same time. Strong, focused, and compassionate, each reflect the same qualities but also show what the other person might not possess. Their chemistry was evident right from the beginning, even though it was a struggle for Lani to finally accept her true feelings for Mase, and move passed the prejudice that would ultimately occur. Love is more than just the color of your skin, or where you're from.

This book was a great read, and I very much enjoyed it. But in true fairness, I did have difficulties getting through the first half of the book. To me, it seemed slow moving and not really have a true focus to what the story was initially about. But don't get me wrong, the writing was brilliant, as it was in Heartbreaker, it just took me a little longer to connect with this story until the halfway point. But by the end, my viewpoint changed and I thought it was very entertaining.

Even with a few setbacks for me, I would definitely recommend this book. Rule Breaker delves deep into real-life circumstances, and challenges your emotions throughout the entire story. It's a rare romantic love story.

beer baby ,


Again great characters, relatable story. Easy read but keeps you going.

bh313@hotmail ,

Fresh and unique

Really loved this. It was fresh, unique, and completely entertaining. The relationship between Leilani Kealoha and Mason Price was a wonderful slow burn. Their relationship was faced with so many issues yet the couldn't resist the attraction between. They are two lost souls who find each other and help the other find their way. Mase has grown up with parents who have pushed him toward a life in the political arena. A life he wants no part of. Leilani has dealt with the over protectiveness of her family and wants to get away from the prejudices and expectations they have. Watching Leilani and Mase find their way was truly a thing of beauty.

Definitely a book I recommend.

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