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Rum & Contemporary Cuisine

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Publisher Description

Is this the End of Traditional Cookbooks?

Imagine a TV cooking show and cookbook combined into one.

Home cooking no longer means missing or food stained pages in cookbooks, lost recipes, endless pause and rewind of TV chefs as watchers desperately scribble down ingredients. 
Instead, the world’s first interactive rum cookbook merges the traditional cookbook, TV cooking and the eBook to solve the biggest headaches faced by home chefs today.  All while having fun and being entertained.

Whether young or old, a rum lover or not, cooks of all abilities can read, see and hear exactly how to create the high quality recipes they wish to. Something traditional cookbooks and TV cooking shows promised - but couldn’t deliver.

You can stop it, back up, read, watch and listen to everything as many times as you wish and at the touch of a button. You can even take notes. Simply pull up the recipe you desire on your iPad and whether a novice cook or experienced chef you get step by step instructions in words, pictures and video until you have a perfect meal ready to wow your guests
Rum is the fastest growing spirit sector in the world with a long and colorful history in kitchens around the world. Why have so many missed it as the perfect companion in contemporary cuisine?

‘Rum and Contemporary Cuisine’ is co-authored by Carlton Grooms and Geoffrey Blythe. Mr Grooms is the co-founder of The International Rum Council and Chef Blythe is a nationally acclaimed culinarian with experience in Washington DC, San Francisco, and the James Beard House in New York. Together they are helping people all over the world cook the highest quality rum inspired cuisine in the comfort of their homes and in professional kitchens.

    Cookbooks, Food & Wine
    April 8
    Avrio, Inc.
    Avrio, Inc.

    Customer Reviews

    Rum Connection ,

    A fusion of fine rum, cooking instruction and technology

    I drink rum, I don't cook with it, or so I thought. Rum & Contemporary Cuisine has opened my eyes to the world of cooking with fine spirits and my skills in the kitchen are better for it.

    What I enjoy most is that the book blurs the line between traditional cookbook, audio book, and The Food Channel by using a smart, multimedia layout. Go at your own pace, replay, rewind, stop, start,...whatever. By combining text, audio files and HD video on each page, the reader can prepare each dish by utilizing whatever format suites them.

    You're going to love it.

    John Gibbons ,

    The future of the cookbook, indeed!

    What a fantastic idea! It's a great cookbook and, because of this medium, recipes can also include videos so you can watch exactly how to prepare the dish, like an interactive cooking show. The photos are rich and amazing too - that sushi grade tuna has my mouth watering! Also, EVERYTHING HAS RUM IN IT! There are even sound bites reviewing and describing the rums used and alternatives if you can't find that particular one. Well done! This is awesome!

    BigKahunaBrew ,

    A must for any kitchen

    Amazing addition to my cooking arsenal.
    The recipes look amazing, the layout is easy to use and read. I can certainly see my iPad and a bottle of rum working it's way into the kitchen for many meals in the near future!
    The video segments are more entertaining than watching the cooking channel, and the food looks amazing, so I doubt that this book will only come out in your kitchen.
    It did take a while to download, but it's well worth it!

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