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Mount up and hang on for a fun ride into the second Dream Horse Mystery! 

Keeping a job for one year shouldn't be this hard. But I'm giving it all I've got. I've sworn off whipped cream and managed to keep my attitude in check... mostly. Just when I'm beginning to think the mysterious trust fund created by my mother and father might be attainable, the unthinkable happens. 

My long estranged parents...come for a visit. 

They land on the doorstep with empty suitcases, a few sad-looking tomato plants, and a grandfather I never knew existed. As reunions go, this one's off to a rough start. Fearing Malcolm—my insanely hot boss—will toss all of us out on our ears, I do my best to keep my newly discovered grandpa out of the gun safe and my parents from stomping on my last nerve. 

Both of which are losing battles. 

Unfortunately, those are the least of my problems. Grandpa’s being stalked by the Eye Thief, someone who’ll stop at nothing to execute his long-awaited revenge. If my dream horse were real, I could hop on and make a run for it instead of barely surviving a scorching summer of tomatoes, tango, and terror.

Candace Carrabus delivers the perfect blend of wit, suspense, and romance in the second Dream Horse Mystery, Run Out. Set on a Midwest horse farm with reluctant amateur sleuth, Vi Parker, providing laugh-out-loud funny moments amidst the thrilling twists and turns of her latest adventure! 

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Mysteries & Thrillers
June 4
Candace Carrabus
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