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A hacker with dangerous secrets. A spy with his own agenda.

And a threat that leaves them with nowhere to run but to each other.

Elle Roberts is the hacker-girl-turned-good cliché with her blue hair, cartoon T-shirts, and an ever-present laptop. And that's just how she likes it. It's an image she's cultivated in an effort to hide in plain sight, and it's worked great.

Until now.

Now, her cover's been blown, putting everyone she knows in danger. MI5 wants her to turn evidence on her brother's money-laundering operation. Her brother wants her skills enough to kill for them. And Scotland Yard has questions about some burned bodies from years earlier. With enemies closing in on every side and her team at Benson Security in hiding because of her, Elle is on her own.

Or…maybe not…

There is one mysterious spy she could call for help—if she can find him. Her chemistry with David has been off the charts for years, but a few teasing kisses haven't fooled Elle. David has an agenda all of his own. And even with her skills, she hasn't managed to uncover what it is or what, if anything, it has to do with her.

So, the question is, can she trust him? Or will contacting David make everything worse. And, more importantly, does she have a choice either way when there's nowhere else to run.

November 18
Janet elizabeth henderson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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