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Michelle Matthews has decided to quit running from her past and meet it head on. Yet, after driving three hundred miles to meet her ex-best friend so she can forgive and move on with her life, the woman collapses in her arms after making a puzzling statement. Shelly then survives two near fatal misses that are too coincidental to be accidents. After a third incident, where she dodges a couple of bullets aimed at her, Shelly has no choice but to run again. Only this time she’s running with Jacob Collier, the man she originally left behind and the last person she intended to see.

Jake Collier has too much to worry over than to be concerned with Michelle Matthews’ irritation at being stuck with him when it’s obvious she needs protection. Women are dying of drug overdoses, Kiera, his ex-wife, included. As the lead DEA agent on the case, it’s up to him to investigate rumors of a drug operation in the area. Jake believes the attempts on Michelle’s life are somehow related to his current case and whether Michelle wants his help or not, she’s stuck with him.

Unfortunately, even after six years, the attraction still sizzles and is ready to explode into passion at the slightest provocation. Jake fights to keep his lust in check while working to solve the mystery and keep Michelle safe.

When another fiery attempt sends the two into deeper cover, hurtful truths about their pasts come out. Neither is guilt free. At this point, both Shelly and Jake wonder the same thing. Even if they do survive, can they find enough forgiveness in their hearts in order to love again?

February 27
Sandy Loyd
Smashwords, Inc.

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Bergiemomma ,

Lovin it!

Great character development, and good story to boot. Read it in one day. Now have to hurry and do the housework.

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