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An LCR Elite Novel

Book Three

To Have A Future, They Must Face The Past Together

Riley Ingram escaped hell, taking secrets with her that could get her killed. As an Elite operative for Last Chance Rescue, Riley’s single-minded focus is on saving others from a similar fate. A survivor of unspeakable horror, she hides behind a cool mask of indifference, vowing to never let her guard down again.

A family tragedy brought Justin Kelly to LCR. Saving lives and protecting others is a way of life for him. The phenomenal connection he shares with his intensely private LCR partner surprises everyone but Justin. He knows that beneath Riley’s icy façade is a warm, caring woman with tremendous depth.

When the past comes calling, colliding with the present, the LCR duo have no choice but to face it together. Relying on each other’s strength and courage, they’ll work to destroy one of the most horrific monsters LCR has ever faced.

But some secrets can’t stay hidden. And sometimes plans fall apart. It’ll take every bit of their grit and fortitude for Riley and Justin to stay alive to have the future together they’re just now realizing they want more than anything.

May 31
Christy Reece
Christy Reece

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Great Romantic Suspense

Running Scared, the third book in Christy Reece LCR Elite series, spotlights operatives Riley Ingram and Justin Kelly. Justin first came on the scene in book 2 of the series (Run to Me) and made an impression on me as he was on his own, undercover, trying to find and save his kidnapped sister. He later joined LCR as an operative a few books later. Riley’s character was introduced later in the series and has been somewhat of a mystery character though you knew a good backstory was there. She rarely interacted with others, was closed-off and withdrawn. The two are partners who work great together on ops but ignore each other otherwise. They both trust and respect each other and find themselves fighting their attraction for each other. Riley has reached a point in her life where she is ready to face her past and stop hiding. Many characters return from previous books to help Riley & Justin take down the evil people of her past.
Running Scared is a heart wrenching story that gives you action, family betrayal, courage, determination, passion, support, trust, and love. Christy Reece writes bad-assed heroes and heroines that you root for and fall in love with, along with pure evil villains that have you looking over your shoulder. As always, Reece delivers an emotional, intense, action-filled, romantic suspense story that ends with the Happily Ever After. I truly enjoyed reading Riley and Justin’s love story and having Riley take down the evilness of her past and finally feel that she belongs and has a family in LCR.

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