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San Francisco is heating up for Aspen Adams this summer.

With grad school under my belt I’m ready to start the next chapter of my life. San Francisco is a brand new city. I have an amazing apartment, a new job, family, and friends to keep me occupied. Life in the city will be easy.

Keep my head down, don’t break any of the ridiculous rules in my lease agreement, get my best friend through her nasty relationship drama, and stick to my five year plan. I’ve got this. Or at least I would if I could figure out why my heart skips a beat every time I see my hot neighbor. 

Handsome, funny, and always around right when I need him, Finnegan McRyan is my own personal knight in shining armor. The tousled hair and sexy glasses don’t hurt his appeal either. Finn acts like the perfect man, but there’s something about him that has me questioning if it’s too good to be true. 

Can I count on him when it really matters or is Finn using his good guy image to hide the truth?

Rush is a first in a new exciting contemporary romantic comedy series with a HEA.

March 7
Megan Matthews
Megan Harrison

Customer Reviews

Gourmet43 ,

Read this!

Liked the story and the characters. The characters were relatable and funny, especially the heroine. Love a feel good story.

kirchersmiles ,


Rush (The Boys of RDA Book 1) by Megan Matthews

5 Stars

This was my first book by this author and I loved it...Was a fun break from the heavier books I've been reading lately, not that I don't love those as well but this one was a lot of fun..Don't get me wrong there were times I wanted to slap someone or throw my kindle at the wall but in the end I was completely satisfied and can not wait to read more of this series and want to check out whatever else this author has available.

I loved the main characters Aspen and Finn and love their names even, and something I thought made the book that much better was the friendships and family members that were written. This author also took great care in describing locations, something I find sometimes to be too wordy and cause me to skim, but this one had me actually picturing everything in my mind and I truly appreciated that.

I highly recommend reading this story and I'm sure if you do you will be as excited as I am to read more.

Loved it!!!

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