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Russia Hoax, written by Greg Jarrett, is an intriguing description and insight into the involvement of Hilary Clinton and her aides in the Presidential elections of 2016. The book sheds some light on the intrigue that accompanies a political scandal. The reader can process what happens behind the scenes and how the key players interact during a political election. This book will open your eyes to the complicated and intricate laws that protect political figures and attempt to keep the integrity of a country intact. The key players in this political drama are Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. The central issue, the perceived leaks of classified information, leading to possible indictments of treason and misuse of government documents. Reading this book will bring questions to your mind of how politicians conduct themselves and do they represent themselves or their political leanings. The story that evolves is compared to a witch hunt as evidence is brought forward of inappropriate use of personal emails for confidential documents. Greg Jarrett is well qualified to write this book as a Fox News presenter and a defense attorney. Reading this book will open your eyes to other intriguing facts surrounding the last election of the current president. Russia Hoax appears on several recommended book lists and is rated as the number one best seller in 21st century history by Amazon books. It is a book that will put you in the picture of political intrigue that influences political history and the pursuit of justice.

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June 9

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