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Sparks fly when a ruthless alien warrior meets the one woman who can save his soul...

Toran NaLosen has no future and no hope. His path is bleak: die at thirty or sacrifice his emotions to survive a few more years. Stranded on Earth and far from home, the last person he expects to meet is the one woman meant for him, his denya.

Iris Mason protects the Earth in her own way by investigating threats and reporting on them to the Sol Defense Agency. At work she's thriving, but personally the past year has ground her down and tested her resolve. Still recovering from the implosion of her last relationship, she doesn't want the risk that comes with a new man. But when her job puts her on a collision course with Toran, a lightning bolt of lust hits her and has her questioning everything.

These adversaries must forge an alliance if any bond between them stands a chance, but it may not just be their hearts at stake. An ancient foe of the Detyen race lurks wherever they look and he has a new target in his sights: Earth.

Each Detyen Warriors novel can be read as a standalone. Enjoy feisty women, alpha aliens, fated mates, and relationships hot enough to steam up your screen.

May 16
Kate Rudolph
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Arieslady52 ,

Kate Rudolph channels Ian Fleming

Toran, commanding the Detyen Legion contingent on Earth, is ruthless. His life is dedicated to tracking those responsible for the destruction of Detya a century earlier, and no other mission takes precedence. Until SHE walks into the room - the human woman, his denya. If a Detyen reaches age 30 without his life-mate, his denya, he dies. The denya mission trumps all. SHE happens to be Iris. Iris is a spy, and her mission is Toran. She assigned to make certain Toran and the Legion mean no threat to Earth. But can each one's missions and cover stories and all the spy craft destroy the denya bond? Nope. For that, the are Oscavians, and Yormas of Wreet. Yormas is suspected of being responsible for the destruction of Detya, and the Oscavians are the slavers who kidnapped a dozen Earth women, and they are sending messages that relate something on Earth to something about Detya... Wheeee! It's like reading one of Ian Fleming's 007 novels - Bond and his Bond Girl spying and sneaking and escaping and improvising their way through dangerous adventures on the moon and back to Earth, one step away from doom, and they still have time and energy to scorch the sheets. Dang! they ought to make a movie of this one! Thank you, Kate Rudolph, for the ARC, and the throwback thrills, and keep 'em coming! This is my independent and voluntary review: I LOVE IT!!

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