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Dr. Fiona Ryder, the chief medical officer of the emergency rescue ship, St. Bernard’s Pass, has dedicated her entire life to the Terra Space Alliance. Moving forward from a troubled past, she focuses on her positive career with the TSA, extending her lifespan by being frozen in stasis while she and her crew travel the solar system from planet to planet, and station to station aiding those in need.

After failing her psychological evaluation decades later, in the beginning of the year 2239, Dr. Ryder receives an unwelcome notice that this will be her last mission before she is to be sent back to Earth, a place she no longer cares to be.

Meanwhile, in the void between planetary bodies, the Asgard’s Goods cargo ship silently floats toward Oberon against a deep backdrop of speckled stars. An explosion lights up a window along its hull, and lights flicker with an alarming pattern and intensity, eventually fading away. The room where the explosion struck remains dark as chunks of rock hit the top of the ship, and more lights flicker until all die out and an airlock door opens to the unknown.

The crew of the emergency rescue ship, St. Bernard’s Pass, sleep frozen in their cryogenic sarcophagi. As they travel between planetary bodies, they find mysteries and lies that threaten the crew and all life on Earth when they awaken to rescue the cargo ship.

As her surroundings inexorably alters her perception of reality, can Dr. Ryder prevent catastrophe when she is forced to question what is real, and what is fiction? The events becoming the montage of her life throughout this engrossing tale of what might be.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 11
S'cyra Publishing Ltd.
S cyra Publishing Ltd.

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