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6 Hackers, 1 Game... and 10,000 Undead.

Everyone loves watching Survivalist, a live-action, virtual reality show based on Arc Entertainment's The Game, where real zombies battle in a Long Island wasteland. It's a show to die for.

With enough money, you can buy your way in as a Gamer to control one of the undead warriors. If you're desperate enough, you can volunteer to become one of the Players. Jessie Daniels and her gang of computer hackers plan to break their way in.

Welcome to GAMELAND. Access Restricted.

EPISODE 1: Deep Into The Game
A reckless, end-of-summer jaunt leads Jessie and her friends onto Long Island just hoping for a glimpse of the infected victims of a decades-old outbreak. But while breaking in is easy, getting back out is a killer. It doesn't take long before they realize they're part of The Game.

EPISODE 2: Failsafe
Jessie and Kelly clash after one of their group gets stranded among the Infected Undead, forcing Kelly to make a rash decision which will ultimately deliver them into the hands of those who would turn them all into mindless players in The Game.

Deep into the Game and Failsafe are the first two books in the hi-tech dystopian thriller GAMELAND. Season One is structured after television's The Walking Dead and Law and Order. All are available digitally in single and multi-episode packages, as well as in an omnibus edition. Also available in print.

Not recommended for readers under age 15.

Want more GAMELAND?
For insight into the world of GAMELAND, including how it all started, check out the short story Golgotha, available individually in digital format as well as in the short story collection Shorting the Undead and Other Horrors, by the same author (print and digital).

Also available from the world of GAMELAND:
Infected: Hacked Files from the GAMELAND Archive. Includes a timeline of key events, a glossary of terms, character dossiers, essays, articles and never-before-released voice transcripts from the Golgotha recordings. 

Velveteen. The story of Cassie, a six-year-old girl-turned-zombie, who has been trapped in a bathroom... until her inadvertent release twelve years later (by Jessie in Episode 4 of GAMELAND). Cassie has something she needs to do, something she's been thinking about for a long, long time. A terrifying twist on a classic children's tale.

Love, Virtuality, and the Good Kill. The start of a new spin-off series featuring Jessie's brother, Eric, and his time in the Marines' elite Omega Force using zombies as killing drones. First publication: The Future Chronicles: Gameer Chronicles anthology.

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