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An honest autobiography of a courageous woman and social worker, who took an interest in the unpopular cause of helping incarcerated Jewish men re-enter society and made it her lifes passion. From that passion was born Beit TShuvah, a once tiny halfway house that has grown exponentially into a renowned treatment organization. Her voyage is remarkable and an inspiration to all people. This is the personal story of the obstacles she surmounted and the successes she encountered. This book also tells the unconventional love story of Harriet Rossetto and her husband, Rabbi Mark Borovitz.

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December 5

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Bubula3218 ,

Love this book!

The wicked smart, empathic, and hilarious author, Harriett Rossetto, is a woman I feel strong appreciation and admiration. I have enjoyed the privilege of meeting her and listening to some of her lectures while in residence at the magical and unique rehabilitation centers in Southern California; (a compound that feels more like a small university with all the young workers and recovering addicts who work to change their lives around)village overflowing with love and creativity provides opportunities to help individuals battle the drug and behavioral addictions which continue to take lives and smother the true artists’ potentials within ) than may most less top-notch rehab facilities as this one.

Her storytelling style is transparent straightforward and honest. I suspect the prose comes from her experiences directing and leading this fommunity and probably much other stuff I know nothing about.

I believe she could have totally gotten this book on a New York bestsellers list but, that she didint, did not surprise me at all as it fit within her style of keeping more low profile and reflects her aura of being humble. That would be my guess and my point bringing this up is that this book changed my life. I’ve had two copies that others have lost or borrowed to someone else and I like it so much I purchased a brand new copy today.

Thank you for being a role model, mentor, and fabulous example of a strong female leader I can look to. I regret that I hadnt been able to take advantage of trying to set up to meet with you regularly ( not been so scared ) when I was at the house 2 years ago. Thank you for being you Harriett and for inspiring me and showing me a shining example of how to be a woman, a leader, and to never stop reading and learning and growing. Never stop hoping that dreams do come true. Thank you. End.