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Sacrifice and Remembrance The Saga of an American Family

The Pacific, World War 2

Wendell Fertig is a true WW2 American hero who deserved the Medal of Honor. Please look him up on the Wikipedia web site.
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Massacre of US POWs by the Japs

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The Pacific, World War 2 novel is historical fiction, loosely based upon American guerillas that refused to surrender, when the Philippines fell in 1942.
Pearl Harbor, December 7 1941. The American Pacific Fleet is in ruins. U.S. troops surrender in late spring of 1942. Japs beat American POW’S like animals on the infamous Battan Death March. Thousands murdered with hands tied behind their backs. Some refused to surrender and they fought a successful jungle guerilla war for the next three years. This is their story.

The Korean War, Love, and Valor

Mike O’Brien fell in love with Patricia Ludlum at their high school Memorial Day assembly. The young sweethearts married in New York City in 1949. Life was wonderful; they felt they had the perfect family when Reggie was born. Little did they know that their life was about to be torn apart. This is a story of their love, the Korean War, heroism and new love found.
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Korean War in Color Part 1

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The Korean War, 1950 to 1953, the Forgotten War, 33,665 U.S. Armed Forces members were KIA, 92,134 were wounded and 8,176 are still MIA. One million seven hundred and eighty nine thousand Americans served in the Korean War. We must not forget their sacrifice.

Mike O’Brien a young New York City man served his country. His young wife received his Medal of Honor posthumously. “Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13)

No one had done more to win victory, than Mike O’Brien had. Those whose lives he saved will never forget his self-sacrificing heroic actions. Mike told his wife, if anything ever happened to him, she must get on with her life. Little did she know one of the men, saved by Mike, would be the man, she would eventually marry?

Vietnam, Medal of Honor

Reg O’Brien dreamed of being a Navy Pilot. He achieved his dream and flew directly into the Vietnam War, in his Phantom F-4B fighter. Shot down over North Vietnam by a Surface to Air Missile S.A.M., he fights for survival in the jungle while aiding his wounded Radar Intercept Officer. Will they survive or die in a fight to the death?
In the Vietnam War, young men went to the other side of the world to fight in a small county most Americans had never heard of before the daily news started to report American soldiers killed in battle. Those that survived came back either physically or mentally scarred for life. The Medal of Honor is a portrayal of ordinary Americans, doing their duty, under extraordinary circumstances; some survive.

The description of the intense horror of their experiences and unflinching courage to duty, for both their country and their fellow man is outstanding.

The Winds of Change

Reg O’Brien is an American hero wounded in Vietnam. He returns to the US where he finds true love with Navy Captain Sadie Morgan, his doctor at Walter Reed Hospital. His story follows homeland battles against organized crime and terrorists that attempts to corrupt US forces and private industry. His victories lead him to the US Senate and the inner circle of power with the Whitehouse as its hub.
He fights corruption in the military and on the streets of America. His success leads him to an advisory position with the CIA and the FBI where he helps fight the flow of drugs into the United States. In so doing, he assists in the take down of Mafia kingpins and the Terrorist, who are using drug money to advance their cause.

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November 26
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