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She can heal his broken ribs, but it will take more than medicine to repair her reputation…

Nurse Emily Smith’s career was almost DOA thanks to her no-good, drug selling ex-boyfriend. Moving to Somewhere, Texas, she hoped to have a fresh start in the small county hospital, far away from all the accusing rumors and pitying looks. It was a good plan, until she found out her ex took out a business loan in her name. It seems he stole more than a prescription pad. Now Emily has to repay the huge loan or face legal action.

All ranch owner, Derrek Diaz, wanted was a Saturday night of fun. A few beers, a long ride in the fresh air…he hadn’t planned on a trip to the ER. The last thing he needs is to be unable to work. No, scratch that. The last thing he needs is a woman underfoot at the ranch. But when he overhears Emily begging for extra work shifts to pay an overdue bill, he speaks before he thinks. Now he has a gorgeous nurse staying with him, taking care of him and trying to be a ranch hand.

Things are about to get a whole hotter in Texas.

December 17
Jodi Vaughn
jodi vaughn

Customer Reviews

Cali Jewel ,

Sweet, Sexy, Romance

Sweet Western Romance with a great story line and a gripping plot that keeps you reading. Short but still highly entertaining summer relaxing in the backyard sipping a cold drink read.

Emily Smith is so sweet yet strong dealing with a past that just keeps coming back to haunt her present. Derrek Diaz is a alpha male rancher and while getting patched up over hears of Emily's troubles. He offers her a deal on the spot to help them both out and she accepts. Sparks fly and feelings change, time flew as I was visiting Somewhere, TX and yet it was a sweetly entertaining read.

Jasmyn9 ,

Saddle Up

Such a sweet romance. We get a glimpse of Emily and Derrek in book one, and I was really excited to see how the got together and worked out. Emily is such a sweet girl, but life keeps dealing her bad cards. She is afraid to even hope that something good can come from her new found relationship with Derrek. A little overly gun shy at times, her story is one that definitely deserves a happy ending.

Derrek on the other hand seems to be just going through the motions. Yes, he's had some bad experiences, but nothing like Emily. But he's hard working and it's just about time for him to sit back and relax a little - even if it takes some broken ribs to do so.

Their romance is slow and sweet and so fitting for a ranch in a small town. DJ makes a few appearances throughout, and it was gun seeing her through her brother's eyes as a change. I can't wait to see who is up next on the romance block in Somewhere.

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