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Even sweet cowboys have a sinful side…

Robert Lawson—Bubba to his friends—has a panty-melting voice and a face made to launch a country music career. But when his family’s ranch hands can’t get to work, Robert returns to Lonesome Point to help out. Fortune and fame are good, but family and friends come first.

Besides, he’s ready to enjoy some off-the-clock time with his manager, Marisol…

A scandal with one of her clients nearly destroyed Marisol Medina, but now she's about to launch an artist who will make her career. Robert Lawson has it all—talent, charisma, and a naughty side that flicks all of Marisol’s kinkier switches.

Too bad he’s off limits.
She refuses to mix business and pleasure, even if it will be hell resisting her red hot cowboy while spending a week at the Lawson ranch.

But as Marisol and Robert grow closer, Marisol starts to wonder if a shot at forever might be worth breaking all her rules.

The Lonesome Point Texas series:




Twelve Days of Christmas


Sunny with a Chance of True Love




Fans of Lori Wilde, Lorelei James, and hot, alpha cowboys will love the Lonesome Point series.

September 16
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Customer Reviews

LisaHines711 ,

Review: Lonesome Point, Texas 2: Saddles and Sin

Saddles and Sin by Jessie Evans is the second book in her Lonesome Point, Texas series.

This story is about Bubba (Robert Lawson) and Marisol Medina. We initially met Bubba in the first book, Leather and Lace as Mia's close friend and partner in crime. We learned then that he sang and had a chance at a recording contract.

Marisol is Bubba's manager and is dead set on making him successful and famous and getting him signed into a great recording deal. His success equals her success and that's what she has been working so hard for. The only hiccup in this plan is the attraction they have towards each other. Bubba's resistance is due to his gentleman-like manners, Marisol's is because she is both gun-shy and afraid of messing up the working relationship they have.

When opportunity presents itself, Bubba lands a kiss on Marisol that surpasses all kisses, ever. She plays it off as inconsequential but is only lying to him and to herself.

When Bubba gets the phone call from home that he's needed on the ranch as a flu-bug has temporarily wiped out most able bodied males in his family, he takes Marisol with him back to Lonesome Point so they can continue to "work" on building his career and finishing some songs they were working on together. What happens in Lonesome Point, however, will change both their lives irrevocably.

Another beautiful romance with just enough heat to start the panties sizzlin'. I am excited to read the next book, Diamonds and Dust. Enjoy!

The audiobook... Narrated by David Ledoux, he manages to embody some of the aww shucks persona of Bubba without making him sound like a dumb-hick and also gets that alpha male streak Bubba has down-pat. A pleasure for the ears, I enjoyed the audio version immensely. listening to the description of Bubba and Marisol's karaoke scene gave me goosebumps in the best way!

janice1231 ,

Tall, dark and Yummy-licious cowboy!

This is the second book in The Lonesome Point series, (all stand alones, with no cliffhangers). We met Robert (Bubba to his friends) in the first book with Mia, as one of her best friends. He has a voice that just invokes sinful pleasure and he has been convinced to give this singing gig a try. His manager had set up some high-profile auditions for him, but when the family ranch is brought to a halt by the flu, he drops everything to return to Lonesome Point. To him, family and friends come before fame and fortune.

Marisol (his manager) has been deeply hurt in the past and no longer has trust in other people, but she is inexplicably drawn to Robert's sexy voice. Bubba takes a chance, when he is being pursued by fans, to grab Marisol and give her a kiss like none she has ever had before. He can tell from her reaction to him that she is into him, but doing her best to deny it and keep their relationship strictly business.

When he tells her he has to leave for Lonesome Point, he knows that she follows him and he intends to use that time to make her see that they can have it all, not just the fame and fortune, but a love that lasts. But can their love survive her past or will it destroy them, along with Robert's chance of a music career?

Again, I loved all the quirky characters and look forward to reading Tulsi and Pike's story next. This series is a must read if you like stories with mystery and a lot of romance.

**Complimentary Copy provided by Author for an honest review.**

coffeegoddesstmk ,

I Am SO In Love With Bubba

Life is about to change for Robert 'Bubba' Lawson in a very big way. The success he's long dreamed of is on the horizon, and there is no one he'd rather share it with than Marisol Medina. Marisol, Bubba's manager, is a real pepper pot, a go-getter with a feisty attitude and the drive to help Bubba break into the country music scene. She also happens to drive him wild, and the feeling is very mutual.

I cannot even put into words the love that I feel for Robert 'Bubba' Lawson. Jessie Evans has written a sweet and sexy cowboy that, if possible, is even hotter than all of her previous men, and that's saying quite a lot! I mean, swoon city. Not only is Bubba an awesome friend, as he showed us in 'Leather and Lace' (Lonesome Point Book 1), he is also a genuinely nice guy. Did I mention that he's panty-meltingly hot? And talented? And smart? And quite possibly the most fabulous boyfriend ever?

I picked up this book and, as with all of Jessie's books, could NOT put it down. Once I really met Bubba, there was nothing to do but hang on for the ride as he swept Marisol off her feet and broke down every wall that she tried to put up. He is not afraid to lay everything out there, and to make Marisol's not-so-vanilla fantasies a reality. For real, where can I get my own Bubba? I'm afraid that Jessie may have spoiled me for other book boyfriends...I obviously cannot say enough about how much I loved Saddles and Sins, and I absolutely cannot wait for Tulsi's and Pike's story in Diamonds and Dust.

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