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Broken Heart Learns to Love Again

I’m no damsel in distress.

As a motorcycle deputy, I’ve seen it all, not to mention I’ve faced my own fears.

I’m not looking for a hero; I’m used to saving myself.

But, when a set of piercing blue eyes lock on mine, I stumble.

When strong arms wrap around me, I fall.

Now Ryan Montgomery has me questioning everything I thought I wanted.

He’s a single dad, a widower, and a successful doctor.

When Ryan realizes the dangers of my job, it has him pulling back into the world of grief he barely survived the first time.

Can I prove to him that love is a chance worth taking?

June 4
F Squared LLP
F, Squared LLP

Customer Reviews

sbsbrinson ,

Enjoyed the book

Overall, it’s a good story and well written. Language was a little over the top an I could have done without some of that. The sweet and sad behind the story made it worth reading.

Anaxkolasi ,


This is the first book in a spin-off of the Iron Orchids series. Sadie is realativly new to being a motors deputy, but she has been on the force for years. She has a great group of female friends who are also part of the police department. She first meets Ryan at the scene of an accident. He is a widower and single father, as well as an E.R. doctor. After their first interaction fate brings them together again when Sadie helps his daughter. Will they be able to begin a relationship with the demands of their jobs and other responsibilities or will outside forces end them before they even have a chance to begin? There were a few places where the writing seemed a little choppy and confusing and I felt like I was missing something, but overall a good read.

Donbon004 ,

Read this book!

If there were six stars for a rating, I would give this a six. Oh my goodness, the Walmart scene was so fun. Great characters.

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