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The Creation Of Fluid And Gas Mechanics Basis In The Micro-Cracked Channel

R.S. Gurbanov, M.A. Mammadova, A.A. Hajiyev

There are experimental investigations of the fluids flow in the small-sized channels, the hydraulic resistances results of which are more than the estimated ones according to theoretical formulas and different supposed explanations without the quantitative evolution have been given in the reference. Taking into consideration this situation in the mechanics we were conducted the experiments in special developed unit with different fluids: water, viscous and anomalous oils.

The results of the numerous experimental investigations for deter- mining new effect of fluid mechanics in the micro-cracked channels have been given in this work.

Firstly the experimental-estimated methodology in the “micro-crack fluid” system has been proposed and realized for the quantitative estimation of the hydraulic resistances. This approach allows to conduct hydrodynamic engineering estimations for fluids flow in the fractured-porous medium, in the mechanical engineering, in the lubrication systems of instrument engineering and also for solutions of the sealing problems in different branches of industry and medicine.

Multi-Criterial Estimation Of The Level Of Corrosion Damage Of The Gas-Pipeline Areas In The Ambiguous Expert Opinions

S.A. Aghammadova

The linguistic model has-been developed for the estimation of the corrosion damage level of the gas-pipeline areas in the optimistic and the pessimistic expert opinions of the influencing factors.

For solving of the given task generalization of the method of multi-criterial choice of the best alternative in the case of rules of fuzzy productions has been chosen, antecedents and consequents of which have been by fuzzy sets with multi-semi functions of belonging.

Wavelet Method For Solving Problems Of Unsteady Fluid Filtration In The Crack-Porous Ring Type Formation

O.A. Dyshin

Based on the multiple-scale analysis in L^2(R^3) using discrete wavelet transform with separable orthonormal basis we’ve developed a method of sustainable approximate calculation of the classical solution of the initial-boundary value problem of unsteady fluid filtration in the crack-porous ring-type formation. The problem is reduced to solving ill-posed problem of finding the solution of linear polynomial equation given inaccurate data, when the approximate solution constructed by regularization method is stable with respect to error in differential equations ratios and boundary conditions set up, as well as set up right member falseness.

Decision Making In The Multi-Criteria Problems Of Alternatives Using The Bayesian Interval Inference Methods

R.F. Hajiyeva

The Bayesian inference method is used in the decision process of the multi-criteria problems using the strength of information on the product rules. Using these mechanisms the point and interval estimates of the posterior probabilities are built on their prior probabilities, derived from the composite aggregation rules of the alternative description information of the decision-maker preferences defined by a fuzzy expert judgements. These decision logic is applied to the problem of selecting a candidate on the vacant faculty position in university

Comparative Analysis Of Trading Systems Performances With Respect To Transaction Cost

E.J. Janahmadov

The purpose of this paper is to compare and analyze the performance of trading rules applied to the underlying and derivative products. Three different trading market indictors were chosen from the range of trading rules according to their performance relatively to Dow Jones Industrial Average. On the basis of these technical indicators the automated trading systems were developed and then applied to the underlying instrument such Dow Jones Industrial Average. The performances of trading systems and profit/loss indexes were compared and analyzed. The results are compared with “buy-and-hold” strategy and performance of underlying security. The results of the research intend to show the effect of the transactions costs on the performance of trading systems and optimal could be applied to invest into underlying or derivatives of underlying.

Science & Nature
September 28
Elmar Janahmadov 109937701

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