Saints Protection & Investigations Collection 1

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Serial Love (book 1):

She came charging out of the woods, landing in his arms. Not what she was expecting.

Jack Bryant left the Special Forces to begin his private investigation business. Pulling together like-minded men from the CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, Border Patrol, SEALs, and police, they were devoted to the missions that no one else wanted or could solve. When the Campus Killer strikes again, Jack's team is tasked by the Governor to find the killer, using whatever means they can.

Bethany Bridwell moved in with her grandmother to take over running Mountville Cabin Rentals. She had no time for the handsome, mysterious man living next door who continued to intrude into her life...and her thoughts.

Jack battled his growing feelings for Bethany, worried his life would not allow for the white-picket-fence world she deserved. But he was unable to stay away. When the trail of the Campus Killer strikes close to home, can Jack protect Bethany long enough to give her what she needs?

Healing Love (book 2):

Undercover in a Mexican drug cartel? Perfect cover to find the girl.

Cam Perez left his juvenile delinquent years behind to become an undercover detective and then accepted a job with Saints Protection & Investigations. When a friend's sister, a Red Cross nurse, was kidnapped, Cam eagerly stepped up to take on the rescue mission. The right man for the job, he was focused on what needed to be done…until he lay eyes on her. And then not only saving her life but winning her heart became the new mission.

Miriam Delaro jumped at the chance to go to Mexico to work for the Red Cross when an earthquake struck. Then she was kidnapped by a drug cartel, who needed her services to aid the cartel's wounded. She tended the ill by day, but at night prayed for a deliverer, wondering if escape was possible.

Then he came…disguised as a lowly, wounded worker. Their meeting was only the beginning. Having to escape the guards, travel by canoe in a storm, and cross miles of perilous Mexican cartel country to get to the ocean where the Saints could pick them up was their goal. Falling in love was their reward.

Revealing Love (book 3):

He stuck her in friend category until he got his life together. She refused to stay in the corner!

Jude Stedson was a SEAL…at least until an injury while on a mission left him with an honorable medical discharge and no direction. He even relegated his girlfriend to friend only status until he could decide what he wanted to do with a life that had been dedicated to the SEALs.

Sabrina Taggart loved the man…not the career title. But when a con-artist set his sights on her family, Jude stepped in, willing to work with her cousin, a member of the Saints. Keeping Sabrina safe gave him a new mission. Discovering that mission gave him a new purpose. When her life was threatened, Jude knew that nothing would stop him from saving her…or admitting his love for her.

Can he prove that he has what it takes to be a Saint?

*****Due to mature scenes of a sexual nature and language some may consider crude, 18+ readers only!***** This is book s standalone, written in the Saints Series. Be warned - alpha men, strong women, suspenseful, and a sweet & steamy love story!

March 29
Maryann Jordan
Draft2Digital, LLC

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