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Sales Quotas is a comprehensive guide on how to set accurate quotas for salespeople. Written by a top sales force consultant, the book identifies common bad habits and explains how to break them. 

Few companies use market potential data when setting quotas, which can punish top performers. We describe how to obtain the data and use it to set more accurate quotas.

Many managers are not aware of the statistical principles that govern how quotas work. Part of the problem is that statisticians often speak in “Greek.” Sales Quotas explains topics like the law of large numbers with easy-to-understand language and real-world examples.


One common quota setting method uses prior year growth to set quotas. This is a good start, but there are far more accurate ways to forecast sales. We identify simple but effective forecasting methods and show you how to integrate them into the quota setting process.

Very few companies test their quota setting methods for accuracy before releasing them. By running simulations on prior year sales results, you can actually discover which methods work best for your company. 

These and other quota setting issues are identified and resolved in this book.

Sales Quotas is the first book to focus exclusively on the topic. Previously, managers were “flying blind” with little to no analytical guidance. Now managers can follow a proven process and apply a comprehensive set of tools to set better quotas.

The benefits of a rigorous quota setting process are substantial. In short, better quotas increase sales force utilization and motivation, which in turn leads to higher sales and profits.

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December 12
Mark Blessington Inc
Mark Blessington Inc