Sally Bianco Mystery Series Sally Bianco Mystery Series

Sally Bianco Mystery Series

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Sally Bianco
Mystery Series
The shenanigans of this aged nonconformist battle crimes to maintain her fight for justice.
(75 k)The Legitimate Way Recently widowed and retired as a University of Michigan administrator, Sally is bitten by the investigative bug to clear an innocent friend of a murder charge. She travels to her hometown to seek out the missing abused woman, the supposed victim of the murder, only to be courted by a high school acquaintance, John Nelson, who has never married because of his unspoken love of Sally. The woman is safely found and her husband is charged with killing his second wife.
Sally and John Nelson start a detective agency in Ann Arbor without cases to work on until Sallys painter friends husband dies. The chemistry professor has been working on a failed drug cure. One of the artists stepsons links his hate-filled motives to those of an art dealer, a pawn of the dead professors scheming boss. Two of the three villains die and the stepson goes to jail for the arson of two homes, one of which was Sally and Johns dream home.
(57 k)The Appropriate Way Married to John Nelson, Sally takes up residence in her hometown in Johns parents home. At their wedding reception, they are invited to visit the local renovated Dunham Castle. When they arrive, the father of the hostess announces his home next door has burnt down. The body found inside is not tall enough to be his wife. Set in this investigative frame, Sally reminisces about a high school suicide and its links to the present violence. Unfortunately, the crazed castle hosts pent-up frustrations target Sally. He shoots and kills John instead. Blackmail, prostitution, infidelities, suicide and murder are all laid bare.
(48 k)The Recorders Way Back in Ann Arbor and still a contributing partner in a detective agency, Sally invites a retreat participant to confide in her. The young woman had been a nurse when three patients died from their doctors neglect. She joined the army and served in Iraq. Once discharged, she rescues an attack dog. Shes been blackmailing the three doctors involved to feed a diet-pill addiction. Unwilling to cease the financing of her habit, she allows her dog to attack Sally.
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September 16

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