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It’s all well and good spending money on putting an advert in the paper or running a special and spending money but is that enough to get your Return on Investment.Salon owners usually come into two categories, those that work ‘in the business and those that work ‘on’ the business. The problem you have is that Salon owners are so overwhelmed by all that is expected of them they sometimes have not considered which camp they fit into.

Having successfully run my own salons it was not until much later down the track that I realised that it is impossible to do the two well and so a choice has to be made. Having made the choice of deciding to work ‘on’ the business Salon Marketing and how you run a successful salon take’s on a whole new meaning.I didn’t have a ‘system’ which is where most Salon owners fail on this and I was no exception.

I decided to write this book for all those Salon owners who are and have been in my ‘shoes’. If you follow this system I Guarantee that you will succeed in pulling those clients into your SalonSalon Marketing TechniquesMany of the books on the market today simply provide a list of ‘generic’ salon marketing solutions to the ongoing issue of getting new clients through your door, this book is not one of them.

You will need to be able to set yourself from ‘the crowd’, your competitors as otherwise why will anyone who does not know your great service in your salon consider visiting your salon.This book will walk you through step by step how to put and Irresistible Offer Together for your Salon Clients both new and old clients.

Salon Benefits
1. You Will Get More New Clients through your Door
2. Your overall advertising cots will go down
3. This Step by Step Guide will allow you more time in your Salon, once you implement this ‘system’.

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August 31
Kim Howells
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Chemicals4life ,

Not worth the money

I thought it would give me more tips. In the book it tells you that you can get more information on their website and you have to pay more money on there.

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