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"An amazing fantasy... readers will

excitedly follow Kassandra's every step as she

discovers who she really is."

—Flamingnet Review

Four stars. I could almost feel the raging sea…

—Curled up with a good kid's book

Kassandra comes from the sea, but she has no memory of saltwater, seagulls, or an incoming tide.  She's never seen an ocean, never heard the thunder of surf.  She's an exile, betrayed by her own family, sent as far from the sea as they could arrange--somewhere in the middle of Nebraska.

Everything changes on her birthday.  A two-thousand year old king wakes inside her head and helps with her math lessons.  She cries for the first time in her life, and learns that her tears are doorways for calling things from the sea. With clues from summoned sea-demons and the voices in her head, Kassandra sets out to find out what the hell is going on...and discovers she's a prisoner, trapped between a murderous grandfather who controls an army of the drowned dead, river witches who spy on her through the plumbing, and Ms. Matrothy, the Girl's Department Director, who's been trying to kill her since she was four.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 8
Lykeion Books
Christopher Howard

Customer Reviews

kelkane99 ,

a wonderful and unique world

I love fantasy novels but I get tired of the same worlds recreated over and over. Dragons. Outerspace. Now there is an abundance of horny vampires. With this book, I love what the author has created here. It is such a unique vision and one that I am glad I discovered. I have always loved delving into new worlds and the underwater world here is such a refreshing change of pace. Add in the all the action and I really enjoyed this book. Mr. Howard creates characters that we can care about and really, that is what kept me coming back to this series. Give this series a chance, you wont regret it.

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