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Decorating your home or even just one room might seem like a daunting task. However, with some basic knowledge you can develop colour schemes, which result in beautiful rooms. I hope this book assists you to make your home the place you want it to be.

There are several elements and principles of design, which are very important in achieving success in decorating schemes. Colour is one of these elements and I believe is one of the most important. Colour has the ability, more than any other element, to immediately change the mood of a space. When I am helping clients to decorate their homes, often all that is required is a freshen up of the paint scheme which is relatively quick, inexpensive and easy to achieve. A weekend spent updating the paint colour in a room can bring about an immediate positive result. A room that appears flat and uninteresting may just need an injection of an accent colour to make it work.

Colour choices however can be overwhelming but by learning just a few of the principles relating to colour you will feel more confident about your colour selections and less daunted by what should be a fun and interesting project.

This book is designed to take you through the educational process of colour in a practical and visual way. Starting at the beginning with the basics of the colour wheel, you will learn about how to create the mood you want, how to manipulate a space with colour and varying tonal levels and the basics of the different colour schemes. You will learn about how to deal with trim and ceiling colours and a background to the different colours in the spectrum. Finally, you will see how to put together successful decorating schemes. With lots of beautiful pictures along the way to help explain the process, you should be equipped to confidently develop your own schemes.

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November 19
Samantha Bacon
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